The much awaited day of Nirbhaya Case’s Culprits Hanging finally came after a long wait. Yet a 8 year-long wait is not satisfactory  but court have to judge as per constitution.

    In Nirbhaya rape case, the way of execution of the culprits on March 20 has been cleared. The Patiala House Court has refused to stay the death warrant of the four convicts. The court has dismissed the petition filed in this regard.

    High voltage drama took place during the hearing in Patiala House Court on Thursday. In the court room, the wife of convicted Akshay Kumar started crying in front of the judge. Akshay Kumar’s wife touched Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi and said that you are like my mother, stop this hanging.

    Here the Supreme Court has also rejected the petition of Akshay Kumar, convicted in the Nirbhaya rape case. Akshay Kumar had challenged the Supreme Court’s rejection of his mercy petition by the President. In the Supreme Court, Nirbhaya’s lawyer AP Singh said that the police gave mental and physical torture to Akshay. He said that the police used third degree. AP Singh, referring to Justice Kurian Joseph, said that he too had given the opinion that there are young boys who are sentenced to death in the Nirbhaya case and should be shown mercy.

    AP Singh said that his life is being used for politics, AP Singh said that use his life, send him to the Pakistan border, send him to China, but do not take his life. AP Singh said that if he is hanged, the rape will be reduced. He said that after 6 months all the people will forget this case, but this family will be ruined. AP Singh said that let them stay in jail, use them for medical trials, but do not hang them.