The new twist came in the Suicide mystery of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant’s father lodged an FIR against Riya Chakraborty today at Rajiv Nagar police station in Patna with a surprising statement. 

    Sushant’s father has clearly said that he did not trust the Mumbai Police’s investigation, so he wants the Patna Police to investigate the matter. KK Singh has alleged that Riya took money from Sushant and instigated him for suicide. This case has been registered under sections 341, 342, 380, 406, 420, 306 of IPC.

    He made serious allegations against Riya’s family members as well. According to KK Singh, Riya cheated Sushant, grabbed his money, and tortured him to cut the connection with his family.

    We all know Riya’s brother is running companies with Sushant as a partner. Sushant’s father said in his complaint that Riya had pressurized his son to change his mobile number so that he could not talk to those close to him. Not only this, but Riya had also changed Sushant’s close staff who used to work for him.

    According to the FIR, Riya had placed a condition in front of Sushant that he would only do the project in which Riya would work with him. Apart from this, Riya was also eyeing Sushant’s crores of rupees.

    Sushant’s father said in his complaint, “My son Sushant wanted to leave the film line and do organic farming in Kerala, his friend Mahesh was ready to go to Coorg with him, then Riya protested that you Will not go. “

    He told, Riya told Sushant if you will not follow my instruction then I will give your medical report in the media and tell everyone that you are crazy.