They are just 17-18 years old and talking about gang raping a girl. Is that for their parents sending them to school for education and a good career?

    On Social media, the chat of an Instagram Group named “Bois Locker Room” going viral, Some school-going boys texting about gang raping a girl. This group is full up with shit talks and it seems they collect private pictures from some girls and sharing them as well. Group seems to be operated by some South Delhi boys.

    A Twitter user shared the screenshot of this group that gets the attention of users and media as well. They were planning how to take revenge on the girls who posted against them. #boyslockerroom started trending on twitter. People were talking about taking strict action against it.

    Swati maliwal, the chairperson of the Women Commission taken it seriously and complained to the police. Police started investigation against who were involved and asked the information from Instagram.
    Well, whoever involved in these inappropriate activities should be punished because this plan could be converted into reality. They should learn women or girls are not meant for a meme or for sexual desires.