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Folks be Careful if Mating, Used Condoms were Washed and Supplied in Nearby Market

When there was a lockdown in all the countries around the world due to the Corona virus, there were many reports about condoms from many countries. Meanwhile, now a case has come out from Vietnam where the police have caught a large quantity of used condoms in sacks from a factory. All these condoms were washed.

According to a Reuters report, Vietnam TV played this footage, which showed that condoms filled in sacks were scattered on the floor. These condoms are found in a warehouse in Bin Dong Province, Vietnam, near Ho Chi Minh City.

Used condom sale

The police have caught around three and a half lakh used condoms. These were to be washed in water and sold as new condoms. All these were stuffed in a warehouse in a bag made like a dozen sacks. According to the report of Vietnam’s state TV channel, the weight of these bags filled with condoms is about 360 kg.

The owner of the warehouse said that he used to get a bag of condoms used every month from an unknown person. A woman detained during the police raid told that these used condoms were first put in boiling water. After that it was dried.

After this, laborers were given the task of cleaning them before packing them again. When they were ready again, they were well packed for reselling. According to the information, thousands of condoms have already been sent for sale.

However, the TV channel said that it is not yet clear how many used condoms have been resold. The woman definitely told that she used to get money according to the kilo she used to make condoms.

According to local reports, these condoms were supplied in the hotels and markets near this warehouse. At present, nearly three and a half lakh used condoms found from here have been confiscated in this police raid. Apart from this, the police has sealed the factory.

Condom is made for single use. There is a risk of infection by using it again. According to experts, condom has to be destroyed after using it because it is considered a dangerous medical waste.