We seen many tweets and posts on Facebook people complaining about any product or services but Mohamed Najiullah’s frustation beyond anything that he build a whole new website:

    He is a chennai based senior consultant who booked OYO hotel at Havelock Island, Andamans but the experience he got nothing more than a nightmare.  Even you can imagine if Hospitality asked you to rearrange your accommodation 1300km far on your special day.

    He did not get the proper response even after 90days. Thus his frustration ends up with building a such website.

    ‘I wanted to let the world know how Oyo ruined my first wedding anniversary so thought I should write something about it,’ the customer wrote on his website.’

    Not just explained Najiullah drafted the whole scenario with wit, memes and gif on his website.

    When the incident came into limelight the OYO’s spokesperson apologize to the customer and said OYO will take the action against the hotel owners responsible for this incident.