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Gaana Sacked its Employee Tanzila Anis for Anti-Hindu Tweets

Freedom of speech is offered to everyone by the constitution of Our great nation but some people choose to misuse it. Tanzila Anis a Gaana Employee was one of them.

Tanzila Anis Anti Hindu Tweet

After Rinku Sharma’s murder, she tweeted to justify it and here she comes into the eyes of netizens. Soon #BoycottGanna started trending on Twitter. A day later Gaana officially Tweeted about fire her:

Gaana respects all religions and communities of India. With regards to the social media posts by a recently joined employee of Gaana, these posts do not represent our values. She is no longer employed by the company. We will continue to bring music to our country.

By going through her previous Tweets it can be clearly seen that she has too much hatred toward Hindus and Hinduism. She Tweeted against Hindu gods, goddesses in layman language.

Tanzila Anis Tweets

It’s clear that the people like Tanzila have narrow minds and they hate India and Hindus very much. They have been taught all this shit from their childhood by their families. If someone raises a voice against them then they cry for their freedom of speech.

Yes, you have freedom of speech!! But the constitution limits it until it’s not hurting other religion’s sentiments. So people like Tanzila should be limit their voice or a piece of good advice for them- shift to a country where only Muslims live.