Gehraiyaan Review: Never seen such a boring movie till date 2/5

Gehraiyaan Review

Gehraiyaan Movie review is creating the Bizz on Social media and Don’t be surprised by the Title people commenting like this so we.

So the movie is all about love, lust, betrayal, and Murder. But it seems like a C Class Movie produced so far. Deepika, Ananya, Siddhant, and Dhairya played the lead role in the Movie.

The film is released on Amazon Prime Video and getting the mix reviews from critics. Ananya and Deepika are sisters and in a relationship with their boyfriends. Ananya’s boyfriend seems rich and Deepika’s poor and impotent.

Deepika made some quotes and Ananya’s boyfriend started dating her. Deepika also Ditched her boyfriend. But later she got to know that he is not rich, he is a gold digger and uses his father’s money for his business. Also, he is dating both of them.

Now Deepika wants to teach him a lesson and accidentally killed him. Well, it’s all about the movie with lots of sexual and adult scenes.

Let’s checkout Social media, How People are Reviewing the Gehraiyaan Movie:


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