The gang-rape victim was cremated late last night in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. The victim was brought to Delhi after the situation deteriorated in Aligarh hospital, where she succumbed. The police were earlier accused of being negligent about the case, but how the victim was cremated in the absence of the family last night raises serious questions about the behavior of the UP police.

    Late in the night, when the UP police arrived in Hathras with the dead body of the victim at her village, police locked the family at home and performed the last rites itself.

    The victim’s body reached Hathras from Delhi around 2 o’clock last night. SP, DM, Joint Magistrate were present in the village. Once the dead body reached family members and villagers created a ruckus. There was pressure on the part of the police to cremate the dead body only late at night.

    However, the family appealed to the police to allow the Girl’s body to be taken home, to follow the last ritual procedure. During this time the villagers sat in front of the ambulance in protest and started opposing the police. The victim’s mother was pleading to take the body of the daughter home.

    The police did not listen to a single word of the family and cremated the body late at around 3 o’clock. During this time, the family members were locked inside the house. When the police were asked what you are burning, nobody gave any answer. And later informed that the last rites have been done. Now questions are being raised on the same behavior of the police, the local police have denied the claim of the forced funeral, but the story tells something else.