Foreign agencies and opposition parties say that Indian Muslims are in danger but all the reports and facts indicate that they are also responsible for religious violence and Bigotry.

    It had been proved in many riots, not only in India but in foreign countries as well. Recently France imposed the ban on Islamic spiritual leaders. The condition in Germany is also not good, the people of Germany protesting to ban Islam.

    The same has been inspected in the Delhi Violence so far, The AAP leader Tahir Hussain’s house was the center where police found the hoard of stones and petrol bombs.

    But they are not stopping after it, the news coming from UP is also not good. UP police have been found stones filled in the burrows on the roof of many houses In the Chhasiri area of ​​Bijnor. After monitoring from the Drone police taken action on houses on which stones found. Immediately the police team reached the spot and removed those stones. Also, the officials appealed people not to spread the rumor.

    Bijnor SP Sanjeev Tyagi said that in the wake of the Delhi violence, security has been tightened in the district. Notices have been issued to the miscreants by identifying them. Along with this, a red card has also been issued. There was news of stone gathering in the Chashiri area. After this, the whole area was investigated.

    According to SP Sanjeev Tyagi, during the investigation stones have been found on the roofs of many houses. All the stones have been removed after explaining to the owner of the house. Also, peace is being appealed in the entire area. Police say that people should not get into any rumors and maintain peace in the area. Apart from Chashiri, police conducted flag marches in many other areas.

    Hindu and Muslims both lost their lives in Delhi Violence. But the question arises that why these paid agencies and funded parties speak in favor of the Muslim community and keep silent about the Muslim’s condition in China. Why this community following the pattern of pelting stones as they were doing in Kashmir? is the only thing left with them is jihad?

    Sorry, but they are not in danger!! They are dangerous!!