Hot Web Series- List of Top 15 From Alt Balaji to Netflix for Late Night Chill

Hot Web Series

Hot web series content emerging on different OTT platforms. Indian web series are not limited to the traditional family or love stories, new-age storylines and twisted plots made them worth watching. Parallel to the Family web series, there is a niche of Hot web series much popular among Indian Youths. The Content of these web series included some bold and hot scenes, kinky fantasies and lust stories that make them perfect to watch if you are in the mood. 

Whether it’s about international OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot Star or made in India OTT Applications like Alt Balaji, Prime Flix, Fliz, Sony Liv, Ullu each one is streaming the Bold web series to attract new subscribers. You can call these web series Adult Web Series or 18+ Web Series.

Everything from Bold dialogues to Fantasies of new generation or Desi romance you can find in these web series. But be aware as you can not watch them with your family or kids. Here we make an exclusive list of Hot Indian web series streaming on Netflix, Alt Balaji and other OTT Platforms to make your Nights wet.

List of Top 15 Hot Web Series To Make your Nights Wet:

1. Gandi Baat (Alt Balaji)

If we talk about Hot web series the first name that clicks in our mind is Alt Balaji’s Gandi Baat. Till now Gandi Baat web series streaming with 6 Seasons. Directed by Ekta Kapoor this web series depicts today’s sex life in Desi & Bizzare Style.

2. XXX Uncensored (Alt Balaji)

Do you ever experience the Fantasies world? If not and you want to explore it this Hot web series is just made for you. The Fantasies of the people living in metro cities will make you wild and scared too.

3. SHE (Netflix)

Imtiaz Ali directed the first ever small screen debut. A lower middle class lady police officer crosses all her limits as an undercover agent. This Netflix Hindi web series stand out with brilliant performances of her as a police officer, a prostitute and an undercover agent.

4. Four More Shots Please (Amazon Prime)

A representation of the lives of 4 female friends. This web series shows many aspects of a women’s life. From love, sex romance and betrayal everything is there.

5. ELITE (Netflix)

A teenage and school life based Spanish drama starts from a murder mystery. The strife between rich and poor begins. No one knows who murdered her and there’s a lot of tension. Most importantly it is sexual- Real-life experiences like threesome, Homosexuality, love, lust and relationship portrayed pleasingly.

6. Hai Taubaa (Alt Balaji)

Hai Taubaa by Alt Balaji is a series of fascinating stories. It sheds light on some of the social taboos such as, homosexuality, bisexuality, and more that are hidden in society still influences our daily lives. Till now 3 seasons released.

7. Romil and Juggal (Alt Balaji)

This Hot web series shows Romeo and Juliet type relationship between two boys. Punjabi playboy Romil and shy Tam-Brahm Jugal fight with their families and orthodox society to prove their love.

8Khujate Raho (Prime Flix)

This Prime Flix hot web series is a story of 5 aged friends who want to have fun in Old age. But their age coming between their stamina to overcome what they will do is fun watching.

9. Mastram (MX Player)

This erotic adult comedy web series is based on the life of a struggling writer. But he started writing erotic stuff that pleased its audience. When it comes to the erotic drama web series, Mastram is one of the best.

10. Hey Prabhu (MX Player)

The guy named Traun Prabhu is a Social media marketer and influencer. But his real life has so many ups downs. From his sexual problem to professional struggle make this web series a binge watch.

11. Tharkistaan (Prime Flix)

This web series revolves around the life of 3 notorious friends. They are single but desperately want to mingle. When 3 girls come into their lives, the story gets choppy.

12. Charmsukh (Ullu)

A Doctor advised the newlywed couple to try to experiment in unique ways to spice up their sexual fantasies and encounters. But the guy goes crazy and the girl left it. Will they reconcile?

13. Kaneez (Ullu)

Ullu platform is well known to produce Hot Web Series. Kaneez is a typical family drama story with bold scenes and adult humor. One of the most watched web series of Ullu.

14. Class of 2020 (Alt Balaji)

The Indian version of Netlfix’s Elite Drama. This web series shows the life of school teenagers like their relationships, mistakes, love and desires.

15. Mismatch (HoiChoi)

An adult comedy with tadka of love, lust and romance.


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