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How online dating is rewriting the relationship game for Gen Z

There’s a widespread assumption that the youngest generation to have a label, Gen Z, are the most likely to embrace technology. After all, the sight of 18-23 year-olds with their heads buried in computer screens or smart devices is common enough. Given that Gen Z’ers have grown up with everything from computer games to 3D movies, it stands to reason they’ll be comfortable with digital socializing. Many will have joined an online dating service to help in their quest to hook up with a love interest. Let’s delve deeper into how Gen Z’ers are utilizing dating sites.

Dating sites as indicators of passion

Dating platforms come in a wondrous variety of shapes and sizes. There’s a site to suit every taste, no matter what. The result of so many websites devoted to ‘no strings’ encounters that individuals sometimes fail to see the bigger picture. Digital matchmaking services can employ algorithms – built-in software – that will find appropriate candidates for a casual relationship by analyzing the responses new members give when building their profiles. If you have specified you are searching for hookup tonight rather than anything meaningful or longer-term, your suggested matches are likely to be individuals on the same wavelength. This might get you too wrapped up in connecting with the other site members that they’ll expend all their efforts in merely going through the motions of relationships. Where Gen Z’ers are concerned, they’ve been used to this atmosphere of self-expression and sexual freedom that partners sometimes have to make an effort to get another person to prioritize their innermost feelings. It’s wouldn’t be unusual for a Gen Z couple to fall into the routine of arranging a series of get-togethers with someone sharing their aspirations, only to suddenly reach a point where they realise neither has ever admitted their true feelings. If this applies to you, the key piece of advice is to be patient. You’re a Gen Z’er. You still have a long and active love life ahead of you!

Compatibility is crucial

The previous generations have made the most of matchmaking algorithms on dating sites, but only really in their broadest sense. They’ve focused on finding prospective partners according to physical characteristics, or sometimes more materialistic aspects, like their profession. Gen Z is more fixated on what people are thinking, rather than what they might have to show for a successful career. In short, Gen Z will inherit the planet and are likely to hold liberal views about equality, especially racial and LGBTQ equality, inclusivity, and also green values. It seems of critical importance to a lot of Geb Z-ers that whoever they become romantically involved with should share their concerns about the future, and the need to be more environmentally aware. They’ll also be able to see through potential dates who are paying lip service to these belief systems in an attempt to connect. There’s even a nickname for this fake liberalism: wokefishing!

Serious concerns

Gen Z is the generation who came of age during seismic disturbances within the frame of society. 2008 saw the advent of the worldwide recession, with many global banks going to the wall. The UK split from the European Union in a bitterly divisive economic debate in 2016, while the USA reeled from the election of President Trump, an entrepreneur with much less political experience. All these factors, and many more, will be preying on the minds of Gen Z’ers. If Millennials tended to have a more hedonistic outlook, propelled by MTV’s wall-to-wall pop videos, their contemporary equivalents have genuine concerns about being able to cover university tuition fees and the prospects of finding meaningful jobs after their studies. When they do get round to flirting with other singles in the online environment, they will be more committed. They will view casual relationships as being less worthy than the stability that strong emotional bonds can bring.