Human in Lockdown While Mother Nature Breathing and Rejoicing Again With Other Creatures


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Human is playing with the environment and nature since long that resultant in air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, global warming, and Extinction of animal species. For selfishness, human forgotten nature and animals but timely nature shows its power which can not be controlled by the human. Whether it’s tsunami, earthquakes, avalanche or any Epidemic, these all disasters Constrained the humans to think about their mistakes and its consequences. 

These days due to Coronavirus COVID 19, not only India the whole world is under lockdown for long. People are not coming outside of their houses, vehicles are not running, factories and companies are not functional. Even the economy of the whole world badly affected, the world bank declared it a global recession. 

The only positive effect we can see is in the environment, it happened after decades that Air quality index reached a good level in cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai. Dolphins came back to Mumbai beaches, peacock and other animals can be seen on roaming on streets in many cities. 

Sharing some pictures and tweets which shows nature is rehabilitating itself and animals enjoying this lockdown period:

The AQI of Delhi reached to healthy level after decades. The government failed to do so even after so many efforts. Not only Indian cities but the people of China are also breathing fresh air after a long period.

Delhi AQI Improved in Lockdown


Dolphins returned to the Mumbai Beaches as they got their home back.

Peacock sight at the Mumbai local roads, tweeted by Juhi Chawla:


Deer spotted on Streets in Haridwar and Chandigarh in Residential areas, they were roaming without fear because of lockdown

In a recent twitter Video, a user shared a beautiful gigantic sea-creature Hunchback whale swimming underwater, somewhere near the high shore oilfields of Mumbai

The Air is so clear that Himalaya’s Dholadhar Mountain range can be seen from Jalandhar, Punjab. Someone tweeted that it happened after 30 years.


An elephant can be seen on Dehradun’s street, seeing him milkman ran away left his bike. A tweet shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan

One of the animal species near to extinction small Indian Civet sight in Calicut’s road after 1990

All the above happenings indicating that mother nature breathing again and rejoicing this lockdown period with all creatures they have besides humans.

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