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Hyderabad Police Encountered All Four Rapist Involved in Disha Rape Case – Netizens Shown Mix Reaction

The four accused of the Hyderabad gang rape have been killed in an encounter by the police. It happened Thursday night near National Highway-44. The police took all the accused on NH-44 to get the crime scene recaptured.

According to the police, the four accused tried to escape from the spot than they have been shooted.

The accused raped the 27 year old doctor and burned her dead body with petrol. Though police arrested all of them and taken them under custody.

After the incident of rape and murder in Hyderabad, while there is anger in the whole country, there is an echo of this matter in Parliament as well.

After getting the news of the Encounter of all accused Doctor’s father said;

Daughter’s soul will get peace

On social media where most of the people appreciating this movement of Hyderabad Police and praising IPS V.C Sajjnar some putting the question mark on judiciary system: