Actor Sonu Sood, who helped the common people in the Coronavirus lockdown, has emerged as the messiah of everyone in real life. Sonu Sood helped thousands of needy and poor people who were trapped in the lockdown. Actor Sonu Sood is once again in the headlines.

    Some people have started cheating. Some people cheat by taking the name of actor Sonu Sood. The poor get robbed by the thugs by referencing the Actor. Recently, similar news was also reported from Telangana. Sonu Sood has now given a message to these fraudsters.

    Talking to the media, Sonu Sood said:

    No one can be happy by harming anyone. Frauding the poor is a huge sin and it will not be forgiven, it is a warning to all those who cheat. You will all be caught. If you guys do all this because of lack of money, then come to me, I will give you a job. Do not make money by cheating people.

    Sonu does not want that any poor person to be looted in his name. Sonu Sood is trying to change the lives of many people, but some thugs are cheating people by taking his name. In such a situation, the actor is a bit annoyed.