50 Indian Adult Web Series To Make You More Erotic Tonight

Adult Web Series

After the successful debut of Netflix in India, there has been a surplus of web series content that is not limited to traditional Indian society. Adult web series is just one step ahead in the name of internet freedom. From global web series streaming apps like Netflix, Hot Star, Amazon Prime to Indian apps like Alt Balaji, Prime Flix, Sony Liv, Ullu, and 8Flix serving the 18+ content on their platforms. 

Adult talks and bold seen are very common in these hot web series. You can call these web series 18+ hot web series or the new version of B Grade Indian movies.

So if you are in the mood tonight, these 50 best Erotic web series are perfect to drive you crazy:


Alt Balaji Adult Web Series

  • Gandi Baat (Season1-5): The list of hot Indian web series is incomplete without Alt Balaji’s Gandi Baat. Till now 5 seasons aired on streaming app. The modern sex with desi style makes it more sensual.
  • XXX Uncensored (Season 1-2): This adult web series shows what’s going on in the metro cities that is more kinky and bold stuff.
  • Class of 2020: An Indian version of the Netflix’s web series Elite. The story is based on Teenager’s life.

  • Who’s your Daddy: An entertaining web series with some bold content:

Ullu Adult Web Series

  • Kavita Bhabhi (Season 1-3): Kavita Bhabhi has 3 seasons streaming on Ullu app. In third season you can see the Kavita, Amazingly seductive bhabhi pleasuring people over the phone calls.

Adult Web Series India

  • Call Center: A story of four couples working in a BPO with conflicting vision & inspirations. With individual yearning’s piling up, the bond of love goes for a toss-igniting a trail of venomous betrayals. Lets see what happen next.
  • Charmsukh – “Role Play”: Doctor advised the newlyweds try to experiment with unique ways to spice up their sexual fantasies and encounters. But later the guy goes berserk and the girl balks this quirky adventure. Will they reconcile?
  • Palang Tod: Mom & Daughter’s Sex Saga with a same guy. Story of hidden desires, Palang Tod- “Mom & Daughter”
  • Wife in a Metro: When a broken heart is touched by unexpected love, the relationships bloom. But what happens when trifling transverse connections between two turn their world upside down? Story of a lonely heart. “Wife In a Metro”.
  • Sunny Winter: A guy in the adult film industry has a dream to become a porn star and going to America. Watch out what all things happened with him.
  • Virgin Boys: Three musketeers Chuchu, Chomu and Gagan desperate to loose their virginity & struggling for their physical pleasures. Mean while, Gagan proves to be lucky than remaining two With their own little secrets, each one desires to be titled as king of romance. Do watch this super entertaining web series.
  • Size Matters (Season 1-2): Virgin Manpreet wants to fulfill her desire with the size of satisfaction. The guy Akash unwillingly does things which he could not control and losses the Trust of Manpreet. How will Akash convince Manpreet? Does Size really matter? Will Manpreet Agree?
  • Riti Riwaj – Love Festival: Once a year, there occurs a festival where anyone can sleep with anyone regardless of their spousal status. Where do we draw the lines?
  • Khulja Sim Sim: Like every woman, Simran wishes to fulfill a bag loaded with desires after her wedding. But she finds her hubby suffering from a deficiency. So, she limits her lusty needs. Other men from the village are dying to get her, whereas she is tricked by a gangster to marry her.

Indian Erotic Web Series

  • Tadap:  A Love triangle based on a city of West Bengal. In web series shown the old tradition of our society, where a pretty girl living in her own magical world, craving for freedom falls in love with a crazy and bubby boy. Love fades where a well-settled single parent enters her life and satisfy her needs.
  • Auction: Her body can be sold but her soul will always retaliate. An illegal business is going to be exposed in our new series Auction.

 Sexy Web Series

  • D-Code Deewangi: Meera may be a beautiful wife, but her romantic actions are not enough to satisfy the needs of her husband. Watch a Unique tale of an unsatisfied couple, D-CODE “DEEWANGI”.
  • Julie: Julie’s simple life will turn into a series of mysteries when a psycho lover will chase her from heaven to hell. How Julie will survive the wicked deeds? Julie’s journey will blow your mind.
  • Wanna Have a Good Time: A husband plans to cheat on his wife in her absence by calling a prostitute but when she does come he finds that she looks exactly like his wife. What is this twist of fate? Find out now on ‘Wanna Have a Good Time’ on the  Ullu app.
  • Mona Home Delivery: A prostitute’s journey through her eyes! Watch Mona Home Delivery Part 1 and part 2 to witness the hot and sizzling addition to the adult web series universe. Get your tissues ready.
  • 3G – Gaali Galoch Girls: Watch the journey of Aaliya, Simran and Madhu who are a bunch of horny, bold best friends and are free women of the free world and don’t give a damn of what anyone else thinks of them.

  • Dubeyji and the Boys: The four tenants of Dubeyji are struggling actors who don’t pay rent. And for that Dubeyji has a solution. The job-less, money-less and about to be homeless, they work as call boys or gigolos to make ends meet. The nights are sweet until they’re not.
  • Singardaan: The mysterious makeup box turns Gupta ji’s daughter and wife into prostitutes. How will he save his family?
  • Bribe: What if they ask for the biggest bribe? Your Dignity. Padma, a widow is forced to put up her body as a bribe.

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Prime Flix Hot Web Series

  • Tharkistaan: The story revolves around three close Male friends, and three close female friends. Aadi, Neel, and Mandy their bond is thicker than brotherhood and they do everything together, whether it be even masturbation. Three girls Riti, Tj and Soumya. Riti is a fashion photographer, Tj is a Dj and Soumya is completing her studies. They all have different points of view, but as they say, destiny always finds a way and the rest of the story revolves around how the boys and girls have a coincidental interaction which results in a huge funny mess.

  • Ishqholics: This story is based on three different love and lust stories, where a boy is in love with an older woman.
  • Junoon-E-Ishq: Love and sex are two different things. But if they club together in a person the motives may go beyond imagination.
  • Beer Boys and Vodka Girls: Three boys having different personalities are staying together in a flat. Similarly, three girls having different personalities are staying together in some other flat. PrimeFlix’s new web series ‘Beer Boys And Vodka Girls’ is the story of their goof-ups that turn hilarious.
  • Desi Romeo Aka DO Chhed: Desi Romeo follows the sensual revolution of Sweety on her quest to learn the nuances of love and the making of it. It explores our culture of intimate relations with utmost realism and openness. It’s bold, it’s real, it’s direct and hits your sensuous nerves; with oodles of fun.
  • I Deal Friendship: The Ghost and murder mystery with the combination of erotic and sensual content.
  • Khujate Raho: These 5 old men have an itch to scratch and what they do is call a hooker up, but they are old and lack the stamina so what do they do next? Find out now on Khujate Raho.

  • Kamya Sutra: Vivek cannot believe his luck when he gets married to the hot and sexy Kamya. Just returning back to work after a splendidly exhausting honeymoon he is in for a shock when one of his colleagues passes a few remarks which insinuates that his colleague knows his wife intimately.
  • Pimp: Rajiv started working as a Pimp kicking that little job.  With all his inhuman behavior he never failed and one day god played his card and left Rajiv in no choice but to give up.

MX Player Hot Web Series

  • Raita Phail Gaya: Four friends,two girls, a bachelor pad and lots of raita everywhere. This rib-tickling comedy brings the house down when Shankey’s father arrives unannounced in their house.

  • Dangerous: This psychological crime drama revolves around the life of Aditya Dhanraj, a young struggling entrepreneur. Lust, Murder, Mystrey.
  • Ratri ke Yatri: The show ‘Ratri Ke Yatri’ revolves around 5 unique and thought-provoking stories that take place in red-light areas. In each story, the male character visits a brothel and eventually finds solace and wisdom in the company of sex worker that changes his life forever.
  • Mastram: There is one story that we may or may not be aware of which is that of Mastram, the quintessential writer of this era who spoke the lingo of the Hindi heartland – literally! One teacher and many lessons – his stories were the only guide required to graduate from boys to men. His stimulating books served as the wings to every boy’s imagination and fantasies.

More 18+ Web Series

  • Suno Devarji (Suno jethalal) by Kooku: Jethalal is a very hardworking businessman, gets him married to Alka. Alka who has a lot of expectations from this marriage, her desire for romance remains unfulfilled untill Jethalal’s younger brother – Pannalal comes into picture

  • BehruPriya by Kooku: Priya is a widow and Anil is a Guest in the House. Now, this is a Story where Anil Finds out Many things about Priya which others don’t know and how He takes advantage of that. What will happen in the End will Shock Anil which he Never Expected.
  • Late Night Project (Kooku): When Mutual understanding Leads to unwanted Relationship and Consent become Compromise, Projects that has to be done only in Night. It’s Called Late Night Project.
  • Mismatch (HoiChoi): An adult comedy with tadka of romance.

  • Blind Kotha (Kooku): When Love meets Unexpected Partner. The situation becomes Littlebit Different.

  • Love Letter (Kooku): When you can’t choose between your Love and Friend. One always feels wrong about the other when the Choices has been made. You have only one way to communicate. Love Letter
  • My Girl Friend’s Love Story: Suspense of one night stand.

  • Kasak (ULLU): Kasak is about a girl, who was violently attacked and raped because of which she was in a semi-comatose for the rest of her life. Hate Story 4 actress Ihana Dhillon will be playing the rape victim, and Minissha will play her long lost friend, who files a mercy petition for her.
  • Golden Hole (Kooku): The Story of Housewife who wants Love Romance and how Life give her Action and Drama in Return what she Asked for.
  • You Me and my Padosan: The web series is about a guy who is in love with multiple women and doesn’t take love seriously and is afraid of commitment. His world then turns upside down when one of them becomes pregnant and another one moves in with him. Watch how he deals with these situations in You Me and My Padosan (UMMP) right streaming now on Kooku.
  • Four More Shots Please (Season 1-2): Four More Shots Please follows the story of 4 unapologetically flawed women as they live, love, make mistakes and discover what really makes them tick through friendship and shots of tequila. Raising the bar, one shot at a time.

  • Suno Sasurji (Kooku): An Impotent Husband, a Turned-on Wife & a Perverted Father-in-Law , when Desires arise, will the sanctity of relations prevail, or will they give in to their lust remains to be seen on Kooku.
  • Woh Teacher (Kooku): Samar is a failure. His mother challenges his tuition teacher Vidya. While Vidya is frustrated with her own love life, she happens to find a Trick to lure Samar into focusing his attention to studies. Surprisingly, Samar not only passes but tops the entire class that too without copying. Because of this Vidya becomes Famous.

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Let us know in comments which one is blown your mind and what other Adult web series you find binge watch 🙂



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