US military bases in Iraq have been attacked in the US and Iran amid fears of war. Iran has attacked ballistic missiles at military bases. According to reports, more than a dozen ballistic missiles have been fired. The Pentagon says the damage is being assessed. The attacks took place at two military bases in Al-Assad and Irbil.

    In 2018, Donald Trump went to the location of Al Assad where Iran has attacked with ballistic missiles. The conflict between the US and Iran intensified on Friday, when the US killed Quds commander Qasim Sulemani of Iran by attacking a drone in Baghdad. After this, there was a conflict between Iran and America. Iran has threatened to take revenge, on which US President Donald Trump said yesterday that it will have bad consequences.

    US Army in readiness to return

    However, after the proposal to return the foreign army to the Iraqi parliament before the attack was passed, the US-led international coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) began preparing to repatriate its forces.Brigadier William H. Seeley of the US Marine Corps, Commanding General of the Task Force, said in a letter, to protect the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq and at the insistence of the Iraqi Parliament and the Prime Minister, the CJTF-OIR (Coalition Force, known as Operation Inheritant Resolve) Will be posted again in the following weeks and days to prepare for the upcoming movement.

    The Iraqi military has not immediately confirmed the credentials addressed to the Iraqi Joint Operations Command and the letter issued by the Iraqi media. The statement came the next day after the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution. The proposal called for ending the presence of foreign forces in Iraq and preventing them from using Iraqi air and sea territory.

    US President Donald Trump is monitoring the situation in Iraq from moment to moment. US troops have a good presence in Iraq, so Trump is keeping a close watch on every situation related to them. According to a statement released from the White House, President Trump has held a meeting with the National Security Advisor to get an idea of ​​the current situation in Iran-Iraq.