Iran Killed 176 People : Admitted That Plane Attacked Due to Error

A Boeing plane crashed in Iran on Wednesday, hours after Iran launched a missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Now Iran has admitted its mistake regarding the crash. Iran says that due to human error he killed his own plane. Earlier Iran said that the accident occurred due to a malfunction in the aircraft.


The Boeing aircraft had 176 people on board. All people died. Most of the passengers aboard the Ukraine International Airlines (82) were from Iran. There were 63 Canadians with 82 people from Iran, 11 from Ukraine, 10 from Sweden, 4 from Afnagistan, 3 from Germany and 3 from UK.

According to the BBC report, aviation safety analyst Todd Curtis said – ‘The plane was severely broken into pieces. This means that a fierce collision of the aircraft occurred either in the air or on the ground. There can be no denying that the aircraft would not have collided with anything external in the air.

It was believed that Iran is worried about its security after an attack on American bases. He is afraid of being attacked by the US. In such a situation, the question was started whether he accidentally attacked the Boeing aircraft.

But Iran now officially admitted that plane attacked by missile and crashed.

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