Comedian Kunal Kamra remains in the headlines due to more controversies than his comedy. His comic style is such that due to which he often gets targeted by others. This time Kunal has been forced to write against Kangana. Kangana Ranaut has given a befitting reply by tweeting Kunal. Kangana’s tweet has become viral.

    Recently Kangana had given a tweet saying that show business is poisonous. Everyone had different views on this statement. But Kunal Kamra took a dig at Kangana and compared her to the spiritual master Sadguru. Kangana did not tolerate Kunal r doing this at all. She called Kunal a fool. Kangana Tweeted:

    But this dispute did not end here. Kunal Kamra lashed out at Kangana, saying that there are many hurts in life besides loving BJP. Kangana was further infuriated by Kunal’s tweet.

    Well, we all know about Kunal Kamra, Kangana Should not give him so much attention as he always does silly things to gain some popularity or to always be in news.

    This time he thinks that Kangana Ranaut’s and Mumbai Government dispute is a trending topic that’s why Kamra poking nose into it. Such a low profile guy.