Kangana Ranaut Also Slams Aamir Khan Said “Ye Toh Kattarpanthi Hai”

Kangana Ranaut has targeted Aamir Khan after Karan Johar. His team slamed Aamir Khan over intolerance and bigotry. He said that if Hindus and Muslims became Muslims together, then this is fundamentalism.

The Bollywood actress expresses her views on every issue related to Bollywood and the country. Whether it is Sushant Singh Rajput case or the case of nepotism, she is coming forward and speaking. Recently, Karan Johar was accused of making money by showing ‘fake patriotism’. Now he has also targeted Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan has just arrived in Turkey to shoot his upcoming film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’. But Turkey’s first lady Emin has met Erdogan and gone home in controversies.

Kangana Ranaut has criticized Aamir Khan for his old statement amid criticisms of Aamir. Aamir had said in his statement that he considers Hindutva a little but he will give his children the advice to follow Islam with strictness. He had said, “I and my wife live life in our own way. We both do not impose our religions on each other, but I have instructed my children to follow Islam.”

Kangana Ranaut team tweeted a news statement saying, “Hindu + Muslim = Muslim. This is fundamentalist. Getting married in two different religions does not only mean that the combination of jeans and modality Will. Being married in another religion means that the two religions will also meet. They will be reconciled. Teach children the worship of Allah and devotion to Shri Krishna. This is secularism, isn’t it? ‘

Kangana Ranaut team wrote in a tweet, “You were the most tolerant when did you become intolerant to Hindutva? The children of Hindu mothers who have blood of Sri Krishna and Sri Ram in their veins, Sanatan Dharma, Indian civilization, here Those whose heritage is the culture, they will follow Islam only and only, why so?

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