Most of us used slang “Kauwa Biryani” For poorly prepared food or stale meat but what will be happened if you get to know that the Chicken Biryani you are eating actually a Kauwa Biryani. Feeling yuckk!!

    The same incident happened in Rameshvaram at Tamilnadu, When the Food Department raided a roadside cart, the officers were shocked. The chicken that was being sold cheaply on the cart was actually crows meat.

    Police arrested two people here for selling the meat of crows in the name of chicken and about 150 dead crows have been recovered from them.

    According to the police, the sale of chicken in the name of crows was revealed on the suspicion of devotees who came to the temple of Rameswaram. Actually, devotees feed the ravens here daily, but for the past few days they were finding many crows dead.

    The devotees reported the death of the crows to the police. When the police investigated, they came to know that some people are hunting ravens by giving poisonous rice.

    When the police questioned the people selling the meat of the crows, they told that we were hunting the crows and selling them to the small shopkeepers. Shopkeepers were selling the meat of crows as chicken lollipops and chicken biryani, which was earning them well.

    It is known that this is not the first time that the meat of dogs and ravens was being sold in the name of chicken and mutton. Earlier in 2018, the Food Department conducted raids in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai and arrested those selling dog and cat meat.

    Beware before eating cheap chicken or meat it could be anything.