Before the legislative assembly election, Delhi’s Chief Minister Kejriwal announced the much awaited free Wi-Fi project in the state. The project will be started from 16th December.

    Cabinet approved the project on 8th August to install the Wi-Fi hotspot at 4000 bus stops and 100 for each legislative assembly. The people who will be under the 50 meter range of Wi-Fi hotspot would be able to access it. Government will spend approx. 100Cr rupees yearly on this project.

    Kejriwal told to media that

    After the inauguration of 100 Wi-Fi hotspots, every week 500 Wi-Fi hotspots will be added; and within six months, all 11,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots would be set up.

    The AAP promised to give the free Wi-Fi in 2015’s assembly elections, now trying to fulfil it before upcoming elections.

    How the Free Wi-Fi Will Work:

    The government will launch an app to connect the smartphone to Wi-Fi after KYC done via OTP. The maximum speed will be 200Mbps and Minimum 100Mbps.

    Whether all the freebies announced to get the Votes at least Delhites getting something apart from increasing air-pollution.