Many people have a love-hate relationship with caps. You see an awesome cap on a mannequin, a fashion icon you follow, or a random face in the crowd. The next thing you do is go and buy it, only to realise that it doesn’t complement your look at all. This infinite loop goes on until you come to decide that caps aren’t for you. But wait. What if we tell you how you buy caps can make all the difference? You can achieve a super cool look with a cap that suits your face type. Wonderful, isn’t it? When you buy caps, you need to consider your face shape and personal sense of style. This balance and harmony between your unique features and the cap’s design will help you make the right fashion statement. This guide will help you buy caps that are well-suited for your face type. 

    Different Face Shapes

    A closer look at all the people you meet in a day will make you realize that every face can be broadly categorized into a few shapes. Though every face has some unique features, the shapes are generally of the following types:

    • Oval

    Oval faces are longer than wide and have a narrower jawline than cheekbones. The cheekbones are the most prominent feature of this face shape. Both the chin and the jawline are rounded.

    • Round 

    Such faces have almost the same length and cheekbone measurements. They have a wide hairline, and the part below the cheekbones seems full. 

    • Square

    These faces have striking features with prominent jawlines, pronounced cheekbones, and a broader forehead. 

    • Heart

    People with this face type have narrow jawlines, while the forehead and cheekbones are of the same width. The face has more length than width. 

    • Pear

    Such faces have a narrow forehead with a squared and slightly wider jawline. The narrow hairline is also a prominent feature of this face type. 

    • Rectangle

    Combining some features of the oval and square face shapes, rectangle faces have straight hairlines with foreheads, jawlines, and cheekbones of equal length. These faces usually have tall foreheads with prominent jawlines and minimal curves in the cheekbones.

    • Oblong

    Such faces are longer than they are wide. While this face type holds similarities to rectangle face types, it is a little different due to the rounded jawline and chin.

    How to Buy Caps for Your Face Type for the Perfect Look?

    Once you have correctly identified your face shape, your next step is to pick a cap that accentuates your best features. Here are some tips that will come in handy while buying caps, depending on your face type:

    • Caps for Oval Face

    If you have an oval face, you are in luck because you can just rock any type of cap or hat. Make the most of your facial features and try caps that other face types shy away from trying. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but also effortlessly pull off an impressive look.

    • Caps for Round Face

    People with round faces need to counterbalance the softness of their faces. For you to display a spruce look and create a contrast, caps with defined angles work the best. Fedoras, trilby hats, and even beanies can give you an elongating effect.

    • Caps for Square Face

    For square face shapes, caps with larger crowns and pliable brims are perfect. Such caps draw attention away from your considerably angular features. Newsboy caps or bucket hats can soften the prominent jawlines, leading to a fuller look.

    • Caps for Heart Face

    Caps that have clipped brims help reduce the prominence of a wide forehead and narrow jawline. Pork pie hats and baseball caps that have moderate-length brims are excellent options for such face types.

    • Caps for Pear Face

    Pear-face-shaped people can buy caps with a broad and high crown to create fullness at the top of the head. But make sure your cap has a short brim that makes the wider jawline less prominent. 

    • Caps for Rectangular Face

    Just like the oval face, rectangular faces can pull off almost any cap in style. You can buy caps with a wider brim and a slight curve to counteract the sharp jawline. Options like a classic snapback cap or full-brim fedoras can up your fashion game.

    • Caps for Oblong Face

    If you have an oblong face shape, buy caps with large brims that cover your forehead and make your forehead seem less elongated. Caps with wide brims, such as cowboy hats or sun hats, are excellent for this. You can also go for caps with short crowns to minimize the elongation. 


    Finding caps can be a daunting task, sometimes even more difficult than buying an outfit. This becomes true when you want to elevate your look but have not figured out the right cap type for you. Simply replicating someone else’s style may not work well for you, especially when deciding on a headwear. Depending on your face type—oval, round, square, heart, etc.—you may need to buy caps that appropriately highlight or counterbalance your facial features. Lastly, make sure you buy caps that fit well and resonate with your style since nothing beats the charm of a comfortable look.