Checkout The List of Long Weekends In 2021 And Plan your Trips Accordingly


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The hustle-bustle of daily life and office sometimes makes us frustrated and we feel likes completely exhausted. At that time the only thing which comes to our mind long weekends. It feels great when you do not need to work on Friday or Monday. Doesn’t matter whether we are traveling or spending time at our homes, Nothing can beat that long weekend’s happiness.

2021 Long Weekends

So we prepared the list of all the upcoming long weekends in 2021 so that you can plan your holidays easily:

Long Weekends in January 2021

January 1 – Friday (New Year’s Day) 

January 2 – Saturday 

January 3 – Sunday

Long Weekends List

January 14 – Friday (Makar Sankranti)

January 16 – Saturday 

January 17 – Sunday 

*If you take an off on Thursday (13th January) or Monday (18th January), you’ll have 4 days to yourself. 

Gazetted Holidays 2021

January 23 – Saturday 

January 24 – Sunday 

January 26 – Tuesday (Republic Day)

*If you take a Monday off (25th January), you’ll have 4 days off. 

Long Weekends in February 2021

February 13 – Saturday 

February 14 – Sunday 

February 16 – Tuesday (Vasant Panchami)

*If you take a Monday off (15th February), you’ll have 4 days off.

Long Weekends in March 2021

March 11 – Thursday (Maha Shivratri) 

March 13 – Saturday 

March 14 – Sunday

*If you take Friday off (12th March), you’ll have 4 days off. 

Long Weekends plan

March 27 – Saturday 

March 28 – Sunday 

March 29 – Monday (Holi)

Long Weekends in April 2021

April 2 – Friday (Good Friday)

April 3- Saturday 

April 4 – Sunday

Long Weekends in May 2021

May 13 – Thursday (Eid ul-Fitr)

May 15 – Saturday 

May 16 – Sunday

*If you take Friday off (14th May), you’ll have 4 days off. 

Long Weekends in June 2021

There are no long weekends in June. 

Long Weekends in July 2021

July 10 – Saturday 

July 11 – Sunday 

July 12 – Monday (Rath Yatra)

Long Weekends on Eid

July 17 – Saturday 

July 18 – Sunday 

July 20 – Tuesday (Bakri Eid)

*If you take Monday off (19th June), you’ll have 4 days off. 

Long Weekends in August 2021

August 28 – Saturday 

August 29 – Sunday 

August 30 – Monday (Janmashtami)

Long Weekends in September 2021

September 10 – Friday (Ganesh Chaturthi)

September 11 – Saturday 

September 12 – Sunday

Long Weekend on Festival

Long Weekends in October 2021

October 15 – Friday (Dussehra)

October 16 – Saturday 

October 17 – Sunday

Long Weekends in November 2021

November 19 – Friday (Guru Nanak Jayanti)

November 20 – Saturday 

November 21 – Sunday

Long Weekends in December 2021

December 24 – Friday 

December 25 – Saturday (Christmas)

December 26 – Sunday

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