Luke Combs, a prominent figure in the world of country music, has garnered a massive fan base through his relatable and emotionally charged songs. His hit single, “The Kind of Love We Make,” delves into the complexities of love and relationships. In this article, we will closely examine the lyrics of this heartwarming song to gain a deeper understanding of its narrative and the emotions it conveys.

    Luke Combs: A Country Music Icon

    Before delving into the lyrics of “The Kind of Love We Make,” it is important to introduce the artist behind this musical gem. Luke Combs is a highly celebrated American country singer and songwriter known for his distinctive voice, powerful storytelling, and an uncanny ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

    The Storytelling Power of Country Music

    Country music has a long-standing tradition of weaving heartfelt stories into its songs, and Luke Combs is no exception. “The Kind of Love We Make” is a prime example of the storytelling prowess that is emblematic of country music.

    Lyric Analysis: “The Kind of Love We Make”

    The lyrics of “The Kind of Love We Make” tell a poignant story of a loving and enduring relationship. The song opens with these heartfelt lines:

    “I’m here for the weekend My buddy’s out of town and we’ve got the whole place to ourselves When I walked in you know it hit me hard Like a weight that you ain’t felt in a thousand years”

    This opening verse immediately draws the listener into a scenario where the protagonist is reflecting on a profound connection. The mention of the weight “felt in a thousand years” evokes the idea of a love that transcends time.

    The chorus of the song reinforces this sentiment:

    “Yeah, that’s the kind of love we make Yeah, the forever kind Yeah, it just keeps getting better The longer I’m with you Yeah, the heartbreak-proof, never gonna quit It’s a hell of a ride But it’s worth every mile”

    In this chorus, Combs beautifully captures the essence of a love that is lasting and resilient. He speaks of a love that grows stronger with time, despite the inevitable challenges and heartbreaks that life may bring. The idea of a “hell of a ride” signifies the trials and tribulations that come with any relationship, but the willingness to endure them because of the profound connection.

    The second verse continues to paint a vivid picture of love’s journey:

    “Well, your makeup’s running Down your pretty face There’s a scar underneath your shirt On the right side, it’s been there Since the accident, when you were five It’s a little cold outside, and it’s raining”

    These lines are a testament to the authenticity of love. They depict a moment of vulnerability and acceptance, where the imperfections and scars are embraced as part of the unique journey the couple has shared. The rain serves as a metaphor for life’s challenges, but the love between the two is unwavering.

    The Emotion of the Song

    “The Kind of Love We Make” is an emotionally charged song that delves into the idea of love that grows deeper with time. Luke Combs brings a heartfelt sincerity to the lyrics, making the listener feel the genuine emotions and connection between the couple in the song.

    The song’s emotional impact lies in its relatability. It speaks to the universal human experience of love and the understanding that true love is not without its challenges but endures through them.

    Relatability and Universality

    One of the strengths of country music, exemplified by Luke Combs’ work, is its universal appeal. “The Kind of Love We Make” resonates with a wide range of listeners because it captures the essence of a love that stands the test of time. The song is a celebration of enduring love, reminding us of the beauty of finding a lifelong partner with whom to share life’s joys and sorrows.


    “The Kind of Love We Make” by Luke Combs is a beautiful testament to enduring love. The song tells a story of a deep and resilient connection that strengthens with time, even in the face of life’s challenges. Luke Combs’ masterful storytelling and emotional delivery make this song not just a country hit but a heartfelt narrative that transcends genres. It serves as a reminder that true love, though not without its trials, is a source of immense joy and is worth every moment of the journey.