The Covid19 is on peak in the country while some news are coming of Covid19 patient’s rape and neglegence not seems worth at all. In a horrifying incident that occur in Mahsrashtra, a Lab tehnician took ‘vaginal swap’ Sample of a lady for conducting the Coronavirus test.

    When women inquired him he told it is an important medical process.

    The women went for the Covid19 test as one of her colleague who met her in a mall turned out to be Covid19 positive.

    When women went for the test, lab technician told it was cruicial that she gives vaginal test thus taken the advantage of the situation.

    Later the incident women shared it with her brother who furtger inquired about if there is such test?

    A complaint was filed against the tehnician and accused for rape charges. Maharashtra Women and Child Development Minister Yashomati Thakur herself following the developments of the case and has assured that the culprit will be given the punishment he deserves.