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15 Men Reveal Their Worst Sex Experiences That are Nightmares For Them

You’re in bed with her and excitement is at its peak. But, What the fuck? You found a used condom inside of her. Yuck as well as oops moment, isn’t it?

No one wants to face these moments to Ruin their mood!! Still, there are some who screwed in such pathetic ways.

Keep reading as these men reveal worst sex experiences with their partners and they can’t stop thinking about it.

  1.  So when I was like 22, I was messing around with this chick for a few months. One particular night, I was going down on her and I felt something inside. I’m like, what the hell. Turns out she had a condom inside of her, left from another dude. Used. Proceeded to freak out and never had sex with her again. Ugh – ilovea1steaksauce
  2. A girl gave me a bj in college, took forever as I wasn’t remotely into her. When it was done she spit it out into her hands and rubbed it on me, trying to be sensual.

    Edit: just to clarify, she rubbed my cum starting at my shoulder and down my chest and stomach. It was not pleasant – Low_Importance_9503

  3. I met up with this girl from UCR .. I almost gagged at the smell of the pussy. My fault i didn’t give her time to clean up. My soldier got soft cause he didn’t wanna go in – Lazybutnolazy
  4. Suddenly getting punched in the face if I was about to orgasm too soon, or being yelled at if I came quickly after being built up from a blowjob. I stuck around about three months despite it all until I experienced one slap too many. To this day it is virtually impossible for me to orgasm from a blowjob, and I tend to last a little too long for my partners. It was a weird time in my life. – Danobex
  5. I was about to have sex with a girl, we are kissing, got undressed, and when we are about to get down to business she calls a dude on the phone. I was like WTF, so she is laying there, I’m rubbing her and she keeps having a casual conversation about getting the kids together in the park sometime in the future. I was like, are you going to participate on this or what ?.

    I completely stopped after that. It killed the vibe and she blamed it on me afterwards. Crazy. – Rocasolida

  6. Lol this morning, wifey n I were doing the doggy style, she said slow down slow down, until I was just kneeling still, while she makes herself cum on my dick!. I’m like hey what about me. She said shhh, next time lmfao –DukeReaper
  7. A girl I was about to go down on. Hadn’t wiped properly and there was a shit smear on her butt cheek. I went woah! And she went what and I went there’s some poop and that was it. Mood done. Sex gone. We did end up dating for a year or 2. Was honest mistake – wendyboatcumin
  8. No condoms so we had to improvise. We tried to deepthroat and she vomited on my dick. Not a lot, but still. She was horribly ashamed and we both took showers and just hung out for a bit. Then we got frisky again, and we agreed to anal. Pretty soon after I stuck it in there, she just had diarrhea slowly pour out of her anus. –
  9. It was my first time and I was at her house and I needed to pee so bad. I was afraid that if I went right before she would be grossed out so I just held it in. I remember that I was just focused on holding it in I wasn’t really enjoying it because of the pain so I was stuck like that for 20-30min (It was probably shorter but it felt like an eternity) Eventually I gave up and ran to her bathroom. That piss was better then the sex it self to be honest. When I finished I told her what happened and she thought it was funny so it all turned out all right. – mitasole
  10. First gf ever was giving me my and her first bj ever. She wasn’t ready for what the ejaculation would feel like and coughed, ended up biting down right on the tip of my dick, lot of blood…

    Gagged and puked on me round two – SomeParticular

  11. Was in my mid 20’s and went to the local county fair for a night. Met up with a girl I used to know and her friend. The friend and I hit it off and snuck out behind some buildings to fool around. We started making out, I had her shirt and bra off and she started giving me head. All of a sudden she stopped and said she was trying to change and be a better person. Pulled her bra and shirt back on and walked away. – tractor36
  12. One second after I lost my v-card, I threw up directly onto her face. She was naturally pretty pissed and punched me so hard that my nose bled.

    Moral of the story: don’t drink 8 pints in 1 hour before doing physical activity. –epsonabcdefg

  13. Ex was giving me a bj, braces somehow got caught in my frenlum and when she was coming back up she straight up tore it completely from my dick. Was quite painful. –Bradleybrown6776

  14. One of my friend who is gay went to meet his tinder date very first time. They started foreplay and damn when the other guy try to lick near to his ass he fart.. – Lovish
  15. Instead of stroking me up and down, she just pulled down as hard as she could. Blood was spilled. – yayaokokcool Women, you never know, the worst things you did with guys is gonna stay with them for life.