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Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review: It will not let you Ditch the Screen for a second

Review of Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 – World’s one of the most popular web series ended with its last part of 5 episodes. Fans were eagerly waiting for this Season 5 Part 2 and yes, it made their wait worth with its amazing plot and script.

Though part 1 of Season 5 was a bit disappointing Netflix and Money Heist’s team make its fan happy with the end of the web series.

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So, here it will start from Episode 6 named “Valvulas De Escape (Escape Valve)” which shows how the professor manages to escape from Alicia Sierra again and win at last like each time. Episode 7 named “Ciencia Ilusionada (Wishful Thinking)” is based on the planning of this heist for many years how berlin, professor, and berlin’s ex-girlfriend Tatiana were involved in it.

Watch Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2

Episode 8 of Season 5 named “La Teoria De La Elegancia (The Theory of Elegance)” shows how the whole team manages to extract gold out of the bank of Spain and how they fool colonel Tamayo.

Episode 9 “Lo Que SE Habla En La Cama (Pillow Talk)” will surprise you that the gold they stole is stolen by someone else, we will not reveal the name as you should watch it ownself. Professor also surrendered with his team.

Now the Final Episode 10 “Una Tradicion Familiar (A Family Tradition)” comes with more surprises and plots that how they will get their Gold back, will the member of the team die in the bank of Spain or not?

So with many twists and planning of the professor, the last part is worth watching. It will not let you ditch the screen even for a second. So don’t wait, go and watch this amazing web series. Sadly, the ending of the Money Heist. See how Twitter react to it: