Monkey Tail Beard – as the name disgusts so as the new Men’s Facial hairstyle is.

    This bizarre beard style is creating a lot of buzz over the internet. Men are styling their beards into the shape of a monkey’s tail that could be cool for someone but doesn’t seem sober.

    Many people pronounce it cat tail beard. To get Monkey Tail Beard men grow their beards and mustache into a long tail-like shape similar to Monkey’s Tail that begins at one sideburn, runs down the jawline, along the chin, and then curls up around the side of the mouth, and then ends above the top lip.

    This Bizarre beard style is criticized by netizens but also there are some who enjoying and liking it. Whether you hate it or love it, this style is worth mentioning in 2021’s fashion trend.

    This quirky facial hairstyle was first adapted by MLB baseball player Mike Fiers who flaunts his monkey tail beard during a game back in 2019

    Fuck the people who cares; Do whatever you want 🙂