Monkey Vs Dog: Monkeys Killed 250 Puppies To Take Revenge #MonkeyVsDog Memes Trending

Monkey vs Doge Memes

#MonkeyVsDog: Gang war is common between humans but have you ever heard about Animal Gang War? This all happening in Maharashtra’s Beed Village where Monkeys killed more than 250 Puppies. To kill them they used to take them to heights and throw them to death.

This all starts when a Dog killed the baby of a Monkey, now monkeys started killing all the puppies in village. Only a few left now, Villagers complained that they also injured in these attacks now school going children also attacked by monkeys.

It’s been 3 months the Villagers complained to the forest department, but so far not even a single monkey caught by them. Now #MonkeyVsDog Trending on Social Media People making Memes of it. See how Twitter Reacting on this Monkey Vs Dog Gang War:


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