Mother’s Day 2021: 5 Amazing Ideas That are perfect to Surprise your Mom


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Maa/Mummy/Ammi..most probably the first word that every child speaks. It’s not only a word its a most beautiful feeling that each of us can feel from the heart. Mother’s day is an opportunity to show this feeling to your Mom in your way. 

Whatever the situation mother never leaves us, she always prays and concerned about the well being of her children. Just tell your wish and she starts finding the best possible way to fulfill it. Whether it’s about toys, food, clothes, or secrets she helps us in every way. So on this Mothers day 2021 can’t we plan a good surprise to bring a smile on her face?

Mothers Day Surprise Ideas

But yes the conditions are different at this time we are in lockdown and there is no way to plan some special surprises, Don’t worry there are some mind-blowing ideas by which you an surprise her and it could be your best memory for a lifetime.

1. Showing love on social media: 

Most of us active on social media and these days our Moms also use WhatsApp and Facebook then what could be the best from posting a lovely thought or you can share a picture collage of the two of you. 

You can also create a short video by using any creative video mobile application. In the best way record a song in your voice and use this in video background.

2. Cook Something She Loves:

For you, Mom used to cook every day but this is the day that she deserves some relaxation. Open the youtube to find out the recipe for her favorite dish and start cooking. She would love it.

Mothers Day Wallpaper

3. Support her Hobbie:

Due to the daily life routine, our Mom doesn’t get the time for her hobby. She never complains about it even she lost herself in her children and family. It’s the best opportunity if you know her hobby asked them to try it and help her in the best possible ways.

4. For nostalgic moms:

As its lockdown and you can not buy a gift for her, but you know DIY, or if not there are lots of tutorials available on Youtube. Make a card, bracelet, or frame, It will be extremely surprising to your mom.

Mothers Day in Lockdown

5. Long Distance Mother’s Day:

 If you live far from your mom and can’t see her for  Mother’s Day – don’t worry! Just do a video call and chat for hours of old stories and gossip to make the most of your time.

Mom appreciates every gesture even a single “I Love You” or a Phone call can bring the smile on her face.

So don’t think much it’s her day, let her feel that she is the most important person on this earth and in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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