Azan is a problem for society for a long as it creates noise pollution. Many people including patients, non-Muslims, and students disturbed by its sound in the early morning and 5 times a day on daily basis. The hon’ble high court also made the use of loudspeaker conditional saying that
    “one could not use a loudspeaker for Azaan without prior permission of district administration in accordance with the law and norms of noise pollution.”

    But if somebody raises a voice against it maulvi and Muslims threaten that person. The same happened in the current scenario, Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad Central University Pro. Sangeeta Srivastava has written a letter to the local DM complaining that Azaan occurring in her nearby mosque disrupts his sleep, so some action should be taken in this matter.

    Professor Sangeeta Srivastava has written in this letter to the DM of Prayagraj, that there is Azaan that happened in the nearby mosque at around 5:30 in the morning every day, in which case the loud sound of the loudspeaker disrupts his sleep.

    VC has also written- An old adage “Your freedom ends where my nose begins” this holds true here. I am not against any religion, caste or creed, they may perform the Azan without the mike. So that other are not disturbed.

    He said that just before Eid, Sehri will be announced at 4:00 in the morning, in such a situation it can increase the problem. Professor Sangeeta Srivastava has written in his letter that the Constitution of India envisages secularism and peaceful harmony for all classes, as well as citing the Allahabad High Court order (PIL No. 570 Office 2020).

    In addition to the DM, the Chancellor of Allahabad Central University has sent this letter to the Commissioner, IG, and DIG as well. DIG Best Tripathi says that a letter was found a few days ago, the concerned officer has been instructed to investigate and take legal action. At the same time, DM Bhanu Chandra Goswami has said to take action as per the rules.

    But now Muslim Religious Maulvi and Muslims start speaking against her. They are objecting to what she has written in her letter and referencing the Hindu Aarti & Bhajans. Somebody, please tell them most of the Hindu temples do not use loudspeakers, and the remaining also not at least 5 times a day.