Netizens Said Yuck For This Viral Chocolate Fried Chicken, Would You Prefer it

Many such strange food dishes are found on the Internet, which you do not know beforehand. From Gulab Jamun Pav to Sweet Maggi and Kurkure milkshakes, these are some of the weirdest dishes that have gone viral before. But have you ever thought about chocolate fried chicken? These days this strange dish is becoming viral on social media, on which people are reacting in various ways.

On social media, a user named @unadelicia has shared a video of the entire recipe of making chocolate fried chicken. The video shows a person wrapping a chicken in liquid chocolate and cooking it in oil. The person takes the chicken out of the oven and then dips it in a bowl filled with chocolate. After this, the chicken is fried in oil and then served on a banana leaf with chutney.

The video became viral on social media after it was shared and has been viewed million of times so far. If you are disappointed after watching the video, you are not alone. After watching this video, people were angry at the creator. See How people reacted:

But Some people claiming that it is Mole not chocolate:

Well, whether it is a Mole or Chocolate, its upto you whether you wanna try it or not.

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