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Nirbhaya Rapist Hanged: Checkout How PM Modi and People Reacts on Twitter

Not only Nirbhaya's parents but the whole nation was waiting for justice.


Finally, a long-awaited justice has been served. All 4 convicts hanged at Tihar jail in early morning 5:30 am. The fight to punish Nirbhaya convicts continued from the Delhi court to the Supreme Court. During the court hearings, a convict of Nirbhaya committed suicide in jail.

Nirbhaya Got Justice

Even after this, the remaining four convicts played legal bets many times, sometimes petitioning the local court and sometimes petitioning the Supreme Court. Many times the hanging was also postponed but finally, on Friday the four convicts were hanged.

Not only Nirbhaya’s parents but the whole nation was waiting for justice and when it came they shared their opinion on twitter:

PM Modi on Nirbhaya Convicts Hanged

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Kejriwal Tweet o Nirbhaya Case

Nirbhaya Case Closed

Nirbhaya Murdered Hanged

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