Covid 19 killing thousands of humans all around the world each day. China, Italy, Iran, and America in Lock down. Approx 2,70,000 people infected from coronavirus in which more than 11,000 died and 90,603 recovered. Even the developed countries failed to save their citizens and struggling from health emergencies.

    The Indian government and people of India fought with Covid 19 well so far but the sudden rise of coronavirus cases alarmed for upcoming bad days. For all this, not China but the people of India’s especially NRIs would be responsible if the situation turned worst. This is not because they are coming from the countries where the infection is high but the reason behind it they are hiding their details, escaping from screening and not following the government and WHO guidelines. They are openly roaming outside, attending the parties and reaching the hospitals when feeling nuisance, many of them found positive. By doing this they are not only playing with their lives but with millions of people. 

    These are some incidents that show how careless they are and required legal action against them:

    • Kanika Kapoor Not Followed Doctor’s Advice staying in self Quarantine: The famous Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor returned from London and screened at the airport, Doctor advised her to be in self Quarantine but she even doesn’t bother about anything found corona positive. Instead of isolating herself at home, she attended the VIP parties and visited 3 cities.

    This irresponsible behavior by a celebrity shows there is no use of their education and talent. Many ministers including Dushyant Singh, Vasundhara Raje attended that party and now want in self-quarantine. It would not be racism if we will call her the main culprit of corona cases in India. 

    • Students returning from Bangladesh to Jammu Kashmir Refuse to Quarantine: At the airport in Jammu and Kashmir, more than 160 students studying in Bangladesh arrived at the Srinagar International Airport and were agitated when they were asked to go for isolation. When the security agency asked the students who returning from Bangladesh at the airport to take precautionary confinement, they started vandalizing there. The students broke the windows of the airport.

    Seeing the situation worsening, the police were called there and then these students could be sent to isolation. Though they are against the current government, it’s their responsibility to obey the guidelines that meant for their life.

    • Home quarantine seal on hand, TTE caught in train: Amid all these vigilance, despite the quarantine at Palghar in Maharashtra, four people traveling on the train were caught. It happened that on Wednesday, 12216 Garibrath Express going from Mumbai to Delhi was checking the TTE ticket in the G4 bogie. Meanwhile, the TTE caught sight of the seal on the hand of four passengers. The co-passengers also looked at this and pointed it out. All four had their home quarantine stamped for 14 days. The four passengers are said to have come from Germany. He was going to Surat from Garibrath. All four were evacuated to Palghar station. 


    • Government Officer’s Son Returned From London, Not followed Doctor’s Advised tested Positive: In the West Bengal government, the officer’s son was initially asked to be admitted, but he refused. It is being told that the victim had returned from London. The patient has been admitted to ID Hospital in Ballyghat. The sample test of Corona of a son of an officer of the Secretary-level has turned positive. According to the information, the victim’s mother is an officer in the Home Department of West Bengal. Officers have participated in meetings organized by the government, in which top officials were also present. The officer’s son was initially asked to be admitted, but she refused.


    • Couple Returned From Spain via Dubai Hidden information and reached Jaipur tested Positive: Despite being Coronavirus positive, the couple from Spain came to Delhi with their 4-month-old baby via Dubai and then took a taxi from Delhi to a hotel in the Ramnagar area of ​​Jaipur. The couple left from Delhi on Wednesday at midnight and took a room in a hotel in Jaipur at 3:00 am. When the health deteriorated, they arrived at Sawai Mansingh Hospital at 4:00 am and told that they were infected with the coronavirus. Their sample was also taken in Spain but the couple managed to escape to Jaipur via Dubai. The Health Department said that such negligence will not be tolerated and the police were asked to find out why it ran this way and managed to escape.


    • Doctors who returned from abroad were treating people, isolated: A government doctor couple had visited Europe and Singapore in Alwar, Rajasthan. After walking around, he did not go to the isolation ward but started treating patients. Both are kept in the isolation ward as soon as they receive the news.
    • Railway Employee Hide the Information of his Son returned from abroad: Indian Railways has suspended one of its employees. The Karnataka-based employee is accused of hiding the identity of his son from abroad. The son of a railway employee from Bangalore recently returned from Germany. But the employee did not keep his son under observation and did not inform anyone about him. But when tested on Thursday, positive symptoms of Kovid-19 were found in them.


    • Approx 150 People returned from Abroad missing in Punjab: The worst scenario, more than 150 people returned from abroad and not followed the government procedure. When officials tried to find them most of the addresses and contact numbers are written on the passports found wrong.


    • AMU Students Returned From Dubai, Ran away from Quarantine: 3 AMU students returned from Dubai were in quarantine in the hospital and ran away. It shows how they are playing with their lives and their loved ones too. It’s just not about them it’s about the whole nation.

    The above incidents proved that how careless we are, one side where the whole world struggling with the corona crisis we Indians are hiding the information, running away from treatments and playing with lives. 

    Guys if you don’t care about the nation and its people at least care about your precious life.