Omicron in Delhi: CM Kejriwal Announced New Guidelines for Yellow Alert


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Omicron Covid19 Virus spreading in Delhi rapidly. By observing the condition, the state Government imposed the GRAP system in National Capital Delhi. That means Delhi is now Under GRAP System’s Yellow Alert and Many more restrictions will be applied for Metro, School, Buses, Banquet halls and Restaurants as well.

Until now 653 cases of the Omicron Covid19 variant reported in India. In which 165 from Delhi Only. Delhi Government made a GRAP for Covid19 virus in July. This Grap has all the information about what will be open, close or restricted as the virus rate increase in the capital.

If Yellow Alert is Announced in Delhi these Rules will be applicable:

  1. Night curfew will be 10PM-5AM
  2. No Weekend Curfew
  3. Malls and Shops will be open from 10AM-8PM as per odd-even rule
  4. School, Colleges and Institutes will be closed
  5. Construction and Industries will be allowed to continue
  6. The restaurant will be open with 50% occupancy from 8AM-10PM
  7. Bar will also be open with 50% occupancy from 12PM-10PM
  8. Cinema Halls, Multiplex, Banquets and Auditorium will be closed
  9. Hotels are allowed to open but their auditorium and conference halls remain shut
  10. Saloon and Beauty Parlour will work
  11. Spa, Gym, Yoga Institute and Entertainment park remain shut
  12. Metro will be run with 50% capacity, passenger can not travel with standing
  13. Only two people will be allowed in Auto or battery rickshaw
  14. Only 20 people allowed in Wedding or Crimination ceremony

If the condition will get more worse Than GRAP will work like this- Level-2 means Amber Alert if the infection rate is more than 1 percent, Level-3 means Orange Alert if the infection rate is more than 2 percent and Level-4 Red Alert if it is more than 5 percent.

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