Life is unpredictable and uncertain, still everyone in the search of something which they don’t have. Some may get it some keep searching it till their last breath. All of these searches creates new stories everyday.

    But stories takes time to read and to reach any conclusion but what if only one line stories are enough to tell everything with no lengthy passages.

    Sometimes, you do not need to explain the whole wordy story to express your feelings, a simple sentence or line is enough to convey what you want to say.

    These amazing story lines can pinch your mind and fill your heart with emotions:


    • One guy said to the other in a bar, “your mom is so hot, I love her.” The other said, “Dad you have had too many drinks, let’s go home.”
    • “It’s been two years, but I still haven’t courage to delete your number, Dad.”
    • Two mothers were in tears, one had won the war, while the other had lost her son.
    • They both love each other But can’t tell anyone; Because they both are boys.
    • During the day it was a bus stop, by the night, the street kids made it their home.
    • Father to his son “See you in the evening, son” when his son dropped him at the Old Age Home
    • He cried on his birthday and she way enjoying with happiness.. and this instance never happened again..because that day was his first day of birth!
    • He prays for everyone for their Negative Reports, Because he is HIV Positive
    • I promised i would wait for her forever, she kept me to my word.
    • The new job gave him all the money he required, but it took away what he had prized the most – his freedom.
    • The genius professor bowed down to no authority; just to a young student
    • Once upon a time, I loved her…But then she started loving me back.
    • He is a alive for his family because his 3 days old dead body on ventilator, Increasing a hospital’s revenue
    • You still look beautiful. The blind husband expressed his feelings to his late wife’s grave.
    • Last night he saw a face outside his window..he lives on the seventeenth floor.
    • You should think about your family and take care yourself, A Hindu boy said to a Muslim girl.
    • It’s a boy! It’s a boy!, he shouted coming out of the room. I am never coming back to Thailand.
    • Both of you please sign on the papers, the next couple is waiting outside.
    • Mansion in the village, which had left thousand of yards…Now considering themselves as developed by owning 2 rooms-house in city…
    • He ran into her colorless life, painted it like a pro and left it being a signature..

    Hope you like the stories we shared. Let us know your stories in comments 🙂