Yes, India is a so-called secular country. The self-proclaimed secular people of India tweets and protests about incidents if related to the Minority community because they get a chance for publicity and to point out the government. But they keep mock when the same minorities kill a Hindu, Pelting stones on Doctors and police and are the main reason to spread Covid19 in masses.

    Recent Palghar lynching is the saddened example of it. Two Sadhus (saints) Kalpvarakshya Giri aged 70 and Sushil Giri aged 35 of Juna Akhara with their driver lynched by the Mob of 200 people in Gadhchinchle village of Palghar Maharashtra in front of police. The mob attacked them when their car broke down, so to figure out some solution they sat beside the highway near the village. Some forest department personnel informed the Kasa Police station about this. Police reached the spot and brought all three saints to the police station. Mob also followed them and attacked them in front of the cops, Seeing the situation going out of control police handed over the Sadhus to Mob.

    In the video, it can be seen that the Mob lynched two old saints mercilessly and beaten them till their death. No investigation was done for 3 days and no FIR registered. When after 3 days the videos of the incident came out then police and other administration came into action.

    Police said people mistakenly thought they all were thieves and that’s why killed them. Now the question rise – how the mob of 200 people gathered during lockdown even in front of police and cops was so helpless that they did not take any step to protect them.

    Now no liberal, Bollywood celebrity, so-called secular Hindus tweeted about it. See how secular our media channels to show this news:

    Now everyone is silent because their popularity and fan following not related to saffron color, they become famous by supporting green color only. Though its not a incident of Hindu and Muslim but it is just How Secularism Works in India?. This Incident shows really well.