Air Asia’s flight from Bangalore to Delhi caught in a mysterious situation when a man took off all his clothes during the trip, after which the pilot of the aircraft requested the air traffic controllers for priority landing.

    In a conversation with ANI, a passenger said about this incident that at first there was a debate about life jackets between the cabin crew and the person. After this, he also misbehaved with the crew present in the flight, and then he had removed all his clothes in the flight.

    Talking about the matter, an Air Asia India spokesperson said – a person behaved indecently on a flight from Bangalore to Delhi. This passenger was advised to behave consistently and only after a lot of requests he accepted the point of crew members. We condemn this incident and such misbehavior cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.

    The incident has been reported to the police after the landing. Air Asia is also taking the appropriate action in this situation.

    The passenger is handed over to the police by the Aviation security forces CISF. While Air Asia did not put any kind of ban on this person but an FIR registered against him.