Akshay Kumar, convicted in the Nirbhaya rape case, has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court. Akshay, who has been sentenced to death, has given various arguments in the review petition. He has said

    “People of Delhi are dying of air and water pollution, so why are they being hanged?”

    Akshay has written in the petition, ‘Air pollution in Delhi is at a dangerous level and it has turned into a gas chamber. In such a situation, what is the need to give him death penalty separately? ‘


    The reconsideration petition states that Delhi’s water has also become poisonous. In such a situation, due to the poisonous air and water, the lives of people are getting reduced, then why are they being hanged

    Akshay Kumar, who was convicted in the Nirbhaya rape case, also mentioned the Ved Purana and Upanishads. Akshay has said that in the Ved Purana and Upanishads, there is a mention of people living for thousands of years. According to religious texts, people lived for thousands of years in the Satyuga.

    It is written in the petition that in Treta Yuga, a man lived for a thousand years. But now in Kalyug, the age of man has been limited to 50 to 60 years. Then there is no need to punish him for hanging, because by then he himself dies.