These Textless PIctures of Indian Railway Journey Have Deep Meaning


1. Asking Mom or Dad for spare change just to check weight:

Indian Railway


2. A Book Stall on the platform having  irresistible comics !

3. Suitcase as our own special seat.

Train Journey

4. Curiosity to search  names on Reservation list !

Train Reservation

5. Counting bags, then chaining them All together.

6. A mandatory game of hide-and-seek with Slippers.

7. Fighting for View from Window

8. The Favorite window having No bars !

9. Should I ? Shouldn’t I ?

10.  In night, Its time to brought out the middle berth.

11. Our wobbly knees between two bobbing compartments.

12. Honing that special skill of putting paste on my brush in a Waving train.

13. Morning Alarm, “Chaii, Chaii, Garma garam Chaii”


14. Always finding awe in his superhuman strength !

Finally, It’s time to Goodbye to Railway Station 🙂

Image Credit : Paperboatdrinks

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