Prime Flix: 9 Bold Web Series List That Are Binge Watching for Tharkis

PrimeFlix Web Series List

After the success of Netflix, Hot Star and Amazon Prime streaming apps in India Internet is flooded with movie and series streaming apps like Alt Balaji, Prime Flix, Sony Liv, Ullu and many more.

The content showing on these platforms not bounded only to the Indian family-centric market, to target the youth they streaming the series full of with adult content.

Whether its about AltBalaji’s Gandi Baat or Prime Flix’s Desi Romeo formely known as Do Chhed – all episodes of the series loaded with 18+ content. Abusing, adult talks and bold seen are very common in these web series.

It seems PrimeFlix launched only keeping in mind the Bold web series and stories running around the society.

So if someone is really bada wala Tharki prime flix have following binge watch adult web series:

1. Khujate Raho : The story was belongs to 5 old age friends who wants to do something. One of their friend suggests them to do sex and the journey begins here… They book call girls but the problem was stamina in this age. Their Mission Stamina started and finally the day came to show their power. Watch the series to know what interesting things happen when those girls come;

2. Pimp : Rajiv started working as a Pimp kicking that little job. One side, where the customer started seeking Rajiv other side Girls involved in this business wanted that Rajiv should bring them customers. He became a big man from this business, Rajiv crossed all the limits. With all his inhuman behavior he never failed and one day god played his card and left Rajiv in no choice but to give up.

3. Junoon E Ishq : The series is based on two girls. One make the another one lesbian to get the work done. Watch This Gay Series, a heart throbbing story of unparalleled love, hatred and revenge only on.

4. ComeInside: This is a story of a rich single living girl, who pretends to be very innocent, but as the story unfolds, the reality turns out to be totally different. A police officer who is madly in love with this girl, even after realizing the truth about her still wants to protect her. But destiny offers him something else…

5. BHADKHAU : Scripted on the village story this series have many bold seen


6. THARKISTANN : The story is based around 3 tharki friends, this series loaded with open dialogues “Hello hamara Bhi lelo”


7. Desi Romeo : Uhh weird name!! intimate seens and abusive content in every episode

8. Beer Boys and Vodka Girls : Not much bold but open talk between guys and girls and bold content is enough to watch

9. Ishqholics : This story is based on 3 different love and lust stories,where a boy is in love with a older women,and 1 girl and her friend who is bisexual both are in love with one guy and third one is based on 1 guy and girl who both thinks that relationships are always boring and they try to start a new kind of relationship where they have freedom to do anything with anyone


LGBT content clearly shown in some of the web series. Gay and bisexual seen are so common in all of them. Enjoy all these content and share it with all your Tharki friends.



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