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Ranu Mondal Trolled For Her Hilarious Makeup, Know the Makeup Artist Responsible for Funny Memes

After being popular, Ranu Mandal is seen attending many public events. Recently, Ranu Mandal’s makeover look appeared in an event, people were stunned by this. In this event Ranu appeared wearing lehenga and heavy jewelery. The most highlighted in this look of Ranu is her makeup, because her makeup is much lighter than her normal skin tone which were looking horrible.

Photos of Ranu Mandal’s makeover viral on social media. People are making memes of these pictures of Ranu Mandal and trolling their makeup artist Sandhya.

The makeup artist get a rampwalk with her. Now people trolling the Ranu Mondal and her makeup artist ridiculosly.

See some funny response from netizens:

Ranu Mondal Meme