Rishi Kapoor appealed Government to Open Liquor Shop in the Evening, Stress will be away in lockdown

Corona has created a furor in the whole world. The situation has become so bad that thousands of people have lost their lives and this process continues to grow rather than stop. Figures are also changing rapidly in India. The 21-day lockdown has forced people to stay at home. To avoid depression in this lockdown, actor Rishi Kapoor has given a unique idea.

Rishi Kapoor has written in his tweet:

The government should open all liquor shops in the evening. Don’t get me wrong, but a human being is compelled to live in depression sitting at home. Doctor – Policemen should also be free from stress. Anyway, it is being sold in black.

Rishi Kapoor is very active on social media among Corona. He has also targeted China through his tweet. According to him, because of which the whole world has become troubled, he should become accountable.

Some people supporting him and some criticizing for his tweet, have a look:

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