Rohtak Boy Abhishek Malik’s Instagram Shows his Rich and Innocent Look then Why he Killed his Whole Family?

Abhishek Malik Rohtak Gay

People are calling him gandva, gay, Hijda, Chakka, etc… for killing his family but only a few of them calling him a Murderer or criminal. 

Is killing a person is a crime or being a homosexual?

What happened to an innocent-looking boy Abhishek Malik that he turned into a serial killer. Whatever he has done a brutal crime but what was the reason behind it that lead him to kill his 4 family members. 

Maybe the reason could be the same that society and family seeing him as a gandva, hijra, chakka instead of a human or in such a scenario a criminal.

Abhishek Malik Rohtak Killed Family

As per police Abhishek Malik, son of a property dealer named Pradeep Malik, shot dead his maternal grandmother, sister, mother and his father to reject his homosexual relationship with another guy. 

Rohtak Police revealed that the 20-year-old youth arrested for allegedly killing four members of his family in Rohtak on August 27 later was arrested on 31 August.

He had executed the crime as they had refused to give him money for gender-reassignment surgery. He wants to flee abroad with his partner Kartik latwal. 

Abhishek Malik Boyfriend

According to reports, the accused’s boyfriend met him before and after the murders. “After Killing his parents, sister, and Maternal grandmother, Abhishek went to meet his friend at the hotel. After dropping his friend, Abhishek called his maternal uncle, saying that his parents were not picking up his calls and he was worried for them. Then he reached home, called his neighbors and rushed his sister to PGIMS, where she died two days later,” said the cop.

He also had stolen some jewelry after killing his family members. He planned to make it look like a robbery. 

Accused’s social media follower count goes up

The accused’s Instagram follower count has gone up from 700 on September 1 to 3,259, at the time of filing of the report on Sunday. Another account named after him saw the follower-count crossing from 17,000 on September 4 to 18,000 on September 5.

Abhishek Malik Instagram

As per reports, his parents beat him for being Homosexual and want him to leave all these things. Only he and his family knew from which psychological and mental condition he was going on. Instead of counseling or talk with him, they pressured him to quit all these things.

No doubt he is a criminal but our society is also responsible to become a one. Even legalized from Supreme court, society treats the homosexuals as criminal and homosexuality as a Taboo. We are living in a country where being a thief and rapist is fine but being a Homosexual is a crime.



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