Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that his country has made the first vaccine for the corona virus. Vladimir Putin claimed that this is the world’s first successful corona virus vaccine, which has been approved by Russia’s Ministry of Health. Not only this, Vladimir Putin said that his daughter has also taken this vaccine.

    According to information from the news agency AFP, this vaccine has been developed by Moscow’s Gamalya Institute. On Tuesday, Russia’s Health Ministry called the vaccine successful. With this, Vladimir Putin announced that soon the production of this vaccine will be started in Russia and a large number of vaccine doses will be made.

    Vladimir Putin told that his daughter had corona virus, after which she was given this new vaccine. His temperature rose for a while but now he is perfectly fine.

    According to the WHO, work is being done to produce more than 100 vaccines. Which includes countries like America, Britain, Israel, China, Russia, India. In India, the Corona virus vaccine is currently in the human trial stage, this is the second stage of making the vaccine.

    Now if the announcement made by Russia proves to be correct and the WHO approves this vaccine, then it can prove to be a great relief for the world.