Samajwadi Party’s “Cycle ka Button Dabana Hai, Pakistan Banana Hai” Slogan Raised in Bithoor UP Election

Cycle ka Button Dabana hai Pakistan Banana Hai Slogan Raised in Bithoor

After showing the love for Jinnah and Pakistan, now Samajwadi party wants to make a New Pakistan. Yes, you heard it right- Supporters of SP candidate Munindra Shukla raised slogans in support of Pakistan from the Bithoor assembly. A video of the SP candidate’s campaigning viral on Social media in which it can be clearly heard “Cycle Ka Button Dabana Hai, Naya Pakistan Banana Hai”. After the video viral on Social Media police started the investigation.

As per reports, SP candidate Munindra Shukla was doing public campaigning with his supporters in Bithoor assembly. During it the slogans like “Mohar maaro taan ke Cycle ko Pehchan ke” start raising, in between Pakistan slogan raised and drum started beating.

Video of this incident went viral on Twitter, the Kanpur Commissionerate Police said that the location of the video and information about the persons is being ascertained. Once the matter is confirmed, legal action will be taken. SP’s love for Pakistan is not new, before this SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has also praised Jinnah and called Pakistan a friend.

Another side, the SP supporters claim that the Video is edited. Munindra Shukla also issued a statement “A viral video is showing raising anti-national slogans during public campaigning in Tikra village. This video is completely misleading. This video is a conspiracy of the opponents. No such slogans have been raised anywhere during his public relations. This video is edited.”

Now such videos can make massive chaos during UP Election 2022 but the voter is smart and no one wants to support the Jinnah and Pakistan lovers.


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