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Scientists unveiled Cryodrakon Boreas : The Largest Flying Animal of World

Scientist found cryodrakon distinct from Quetzalcoatlus with wingspan of 10m and 250kg weight


Discovered 30 years ago the fossils of Cryodrakon boreas remain mistry for Scientist till yet as thought to belong to another North

American azhdarchid: Quetzalcoatlus.

On Tuesday scientists unveiled a new species of pterosaur, the plane-sized reptiles named C. boreas. By analysing fossils it’s found that the creature having the wingspan apporox 10m and 250Kg weight.

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David Hone, The lead author of the study and a researcher at Queen Mary University in London said “This is a cool discovery”.

Firstly it discovered in Alberta, Canada. Due to missclassification it did not get any identity. But now exmaine it closely fossil remains of a juvenile and the intact giant neck bone of a full-grown specimen left no doubt that a new species had been discovered.

C. boreas was carnivorous and probably fed on lizards, small mammals and even baby dinosaurs.

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