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Scientists unveiled Cryodrakon Boreas : The Largest Flying Animal of World

Discovered 30 years ago the fossils of Cryodrakon boreas remain mistry for Scientist till yet as thought to belong to another North

American azhdarchid: Quetzalcoatlus.

On Tuesday scientists unveiled a new species of pterosaur, the plane-sized reptiles named C. boreas. By analysing fossils it’s found that the creature having the wingspan apporox 10m and 250Kg weight.

David Hone, The lead author of the study and a researcher at Queen Mary University in London said “This is a cool discovery”.

Firstly it discovered in Alberta, Canada. Due to missclassification it did not get any identity. But now exmaine it closely fossil remains of a juvenile and the intact giant neck bone of a full-grown specimen left no doubt that a new species had been discovered.

C. boreas was carnivorous and probably fed on lizards, small mammals and even baby dinosaurs.