Serbia is a rapidly developing European country that is popular with investors and well-known for its excellent banking services. If you need a personal account (for diversification purposes, for example) with a reliable bank that will provide a wide range of services at reasonable fees, we highly recommend UniCredit Bank in Serbia. You will need a personal visit to open an account, though (if you want to open an account online, please click on the link below and get in touch with our expert). Serbia is not yet a member of the European Union, so it has its own bank deposit insurance system: your deposit will be safe if it doesn’t exceed 50,000 US dollars.

    If you want to discover Serbia, welcome to our portal. This is a really great country for business, banking, relocation, investment, and much more. We write a lot of articles on Serbia as this is currently one of the most popular destinations for entrepreneurs, investors, or individuals who wish to relocate, obtain a residence permit, or open a personal account. You can get in touch with our expert and discuss the personal account opening at no charge. And if you want us to help you with administrative matters, we will do so at a reasonable fee.

    UniCredit Bank

    If you appreciate a quick and simple account opening procedure, UniCredit Bank is the institution you need. All you have to do is to agree on the day of arrival, visit the bank in person along with our representative, and you will have a fully operational account in a matter of no more than 2 hours!

    You will be able to obtain services in English or in Serbian. If your deposit amounts to 500,000 euros or more, you will get VIP service on special terms: your account will be opened online, and you will have the right to external asset management in the largest banks of the world (based, for example, in the US, UAE, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and so on).

    UniCredit Bank is associated with an easy-to-implement and successful model of European commercial banking that meets the real needs of its customers.

    UniCredit Bank won the title of the Bank of the Year in Serbia in 2016 according to The Banker, a reputed UK financial magazine.

    Individual Loans

    Individuals can obtain different kinds of loans from UniCredit Bank:

    • Loans in Serbian Dinars, or RSD, at a fixed interest rate (from 50,000 to 950,000 dinars to be repaid within 6 to 60 months).
    • RSD loans covered by insurance (up to RSD 3,000,000 to be repaid within up to 10 years).
    • Credit cards: Flexia Mastercard® Credit Card, DinaCard, or Mastercard® Platinum.

    Settlement Account

    Take advantage of a Current Account Package that includes:

    • A savings account
    • A current account in foreign currency
    • A current account in RSD
    • Over-the-phone banking
    • A term deposit account
    • Debit cards (Maestro or Visa Electron)


    Overdraft is a very popular service as all of us face sudden financial problems from time to time that need to be resolved within the shortest possible terms.

    UniCredit Bank will provide the service on the conditions below:

    • The amount overdrawn does not exceed one monthly salary/pension
    • No prepayment/deposit is required
    • The amount is repaid within 36 months

    The overdraft service is provided free of charge. No interest rate will accrue if the amount overdrawn is less than RSD 12,000.

    Payment Cards

    Most customers want to have a debit card to make payments more conveniently and withdraw cash. You can choose one of the following ones:

    • Visa Electron
    • Maestro Debit Card
    • Visa Gold

    There are also several kinds of prepaid cards, and our experts can tell you more about them.

    Online Banking in UniCredit Bank

    Nowadays, there are very few customers who personally visit the bank to make settlements. UniCredit Bank offers a number of electronic services for online banking.


    You will control your funds on a 24/7 basis using your smartphone. Here are the main benefits:

    • Full control of your money
    • It functions abroad as well
    • You can use any mobile phone network to access it
    • Access to your account will be quick and secure
    • The system is automatically updated
    • You can create payment orders in any country at any time


    Let’s look at the advantages of this online banking system:

    • Transactions can be made at considerably lower fees
    • There are Serbian and English versions available
    • Convenient 24/7 access to any operations
    • The platform is exceptionally user-friendly
    • Get connected from any country provided that an Internet connection is available


    Here are the benefits of this mobile app:

      • It will work if you are in roaming
      • Create payment orders in any time zone and from any location
    • It works offline, too!

    • There is no need to carry an electronic device (token) with you as the smartphone will be sufficient to make all operations you need

    As you see, UniCredit Bank takes good care of the convenience of its customers.

    Opening an Account: Procedure

    Let’s look at the steps you will have to take to open an account with UniCredit Bank:

    • If you have made a decision (or if you have any doubts you want to discuss), please follow the above link to get in touch with our expert.
    • Pay the cost of the service in any convenient way (from bank transfer to Bitcoin). The price will differ depending on whether you agree to make a personal visit or you want us to open an account online.
    • Collect the required documents. If you make a personal visit, you will only need a passport and a residence card.

    EU residents need to provide an ID card or any other document that confirms their tax residency status.

    If your citizenship differs from the country of your current residence, you will need to provide a document that confirms the residence address (a bank statement, a utility bill, or a rental agreement).

    The bank forms will be filled out by the employees on site – in Serbian or in English. You will be accompanied by a local representative of our company to make sure the procedure is smooth. The date of your arrival is agreed at least 10 business days in advance.

    Interested in the Serbian UniCredit Bank? Have some questions or doubts? Share them with our consultants by clicking on the above link.