15 Short Horror Stories From Quora Based on Real Life Incidents That Can Make Your Nights Scarier


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Most of us don’t believe in Ghost and Paranormal activities until we have not experienced some in real life. These unknown fears somehow are hidden in yourself. Horror Stories can thrill us at night or sometimes in day as well.

We compiled some real-life Horror Stories from Quora than can make your night a little scarier. Read them and ssshhhhh!! Don’t overthink while reading

1. Ghost Can Control GPS Nav by Swarada BhamreShort Horror Stories


I am not someone who gets easily scared to walk down a dark lane or stay alone at home but that night I was terrified. Me and 2 of my girlfriends were on our all girls vacation in Goa. It was about 4 am and we were getting back to the hotel. The 2 of them had been drinking and being a non-drinker I was made to drive. One of my friends was sleeping in the back seat and the other was checking her phone for the directions using the maps. Even though I was sure that I knew the way back to the hotel we decided to look up the directions to a landmark restaurant next to our hotel. It was pouring since it was just the start of the monsoons and pitch dark since the road was pretty secluded. I kept driving ignoring the instructions coming from the navigation app (since I was confident I knew the way), when I heard voice from the phone saying “You have crossed your destination”. Not possible, I thought. I took this very same route in the morning and I can never go wrong with roads. But my friend (who was up and alarmed at this declaration) insisted we follow the instructions and not take such a risk since it is too late to get help if we get lost. So I complied and started following the instruction by the app. Now we were driving in the opposite direction. (In my head I knew this was wrong) The app said in 20 meters your destination will be to your right. 10 meters. 3 meters. Before we knew it we were in a dark and thin lane with no lights, minimum visibility due pouring rains and no chance – absolutely no chance of making a U turn to return. As the navigation app declared “You have reached. Your destination is to your right” both of us turned to our right staring with pale white faces at an old white church which was surrounded by what looked like remains of a garden with large trees with no traces of leaves or life. This in no way was what we were expecting our destination to be. Our destination was a lively restaurant with loud music and cute waiters. This looked like a place they shot horror movies in. Without saying a word I switched to the reverse gear and backed the car up boot first as fast I could. For the next 5 minutes the same voice kept repeating “You have crossed your destination” multiple times while we were trying to refresh our search. I drove with no regard for the maddening rain, the speed breakers or the hundred potholes that we crossed. I kept driving with my eyes fixated on the road and struggling to avoid the habituated peek into the rear view mirror. Only when we entered our room that I was relieved.

2. I can’t leave this House even if I want Horror stories Real Life


First year of my post-graduation. I had one friend in my college. He rented a room outside the college and was staying there alone for like 5 years. He did his UG and PG in the same college. I went to his room for studies before exam. At night, i started hearing some creepy sounds.
Me: did you hear any sounds?
My friend: Yeah its usual man. I am used to it. First time i feel scared and then it became normal for me.
Me: I hear sounds like someone is knocking the door.
MF: Don’t go and open, you won’t find anyone.
Me: Dude, What are you telling? i feel very scary. I leave after sometime and i will come in the morning.
MF: What? Are you leaving? Do you think that, it will leave you? I’m trying to leave this house for so many years but it is not allowing. You can’t go anywhere. Just sit here.
( i was scared to death. He told these things in a very harsh manner and BTW, what is he referring as it?)
After that i didn’t do anything. I was so scared. I just lied on the bed with my face downwards. Morning 6, i ran away from his room.Next Morning;
Me: why you spoke abnormally last night?
MF: why? What happened?
Me: Nothing Leave it.

Then he told the following. I can’t leave this house. Even my house owner asked me to leave, so that he can rent it to some family for a good amount of money. But i am paying extra money to be there. I feel something is there in the house. At nights, i used to feel like someone is sitting above me and also i used to get wet dreams a lot. Even after graduation, i am thinking of joining in the same college as a lecturer, so that i can stay in that house.

I don’t know, what is happening in that house and also with him. But the words he told that night scared the shit out of me. After that incident, I never ever stepped into his room.

3. An IT Ghost by Somdutta Banerjee

It was in 2012, a colleague of mine was diagnosed with cancer, he died eventually within the next 3 months.
He was a young energetic man with a lot to look forward to in life. He was simultaneously working with a IT Giant and pursuing his M.tech.
Then just like that one fine day, he didn’t show up for work.
Three months down the line, he was dead.
He used to sit in a cubicle which was diagonally opposite to me.

That night, many months later,  I was working late, must have been 11.30 or so IST. I was alone in the whole quadrant, the 24/7 shift guy too was not there.
I do not exactly remember why I was working so late, just that I had a lot to complete.

I have a habit of stretching in my chair while working and specially when I am stressed out.

And this part I remember quite well.

I gulped down half a bottle of water, stretched, turned my chair diagonally backwards and up front again. I had a fleeting vision of someone occupying the chair at my diagonal cubicle, like a fast moving objective view.
Again I turned to the other side of the body and turned the chair diagonally to that direction.
This time it registered in my brain that I saw someone sitting in that chair, Clearly.
His chair that was supposed to be empty.
I was not looking at the chair, but I just had these spine chilling feeling that someone just got up the chair and left, but I could not hear any sound.
That was the moment I remembered I was completely alone in the quadrant.

I simply got up and stared at the chair, It was bent exactly the way he used to sit, it seemed to me, scared as I was.

A couple of days later, another colleague of mine confidentially reported a similar experience involving our dead colleague at the Data Centre. This Guy got so scared, he simply refused to work in the Data Centre alone for almost a month.

4. A unwanted Companion by Vinu K (विनू कुलकर्णी)Scary Horror Story

As a Functional Consultant on Heavy-duty Printer Maintenance Project. I used to travel a lot at Chain of offices spread across Karnataka state, India. Many times would stay in some nearby lodge; complete the work and would leave to next place on list.

Once I had to stay back in a town near Huballi / Hubballi , which was somewhat in interiors…It was around 7.30 pm, booked a room and retired in it. Around 9 pm ordered dinner in room and in sometime, dinner was ready to be served. The waiter served 2 plates on table.

Without a delay I asked him, “For whom have your served the second plate?”
Waiter in Kannada language: “Yena Sir, akkaura utha madalla?” (Madam will not have dinner? “)
I immediately replied, have you gone nuts…I am alone in this room, have booked a single room go check the register. To which he replied ” I have seen a lady entering this room sometime before ” that statement made me so angry, I called the lodge manager with register and busted for such statement his guy made. Manager said sorry for that, he said might have mistaken with room numbers…After dinner, I slept and don’t remember the exact time but it was still night, dark outside. Heard someone humming some song with light foot tapping…a female voice and followed by a male voice…
I felt as if I was in very dusty surrounding, with lot of dampness and a peculiar smell which comes at cremation ground…I opened my eyes and immediately put on the lights.

Those were the Tungsten bulbs throwing yellow light. I didn’t find anyone in room, it was also clean and clear…I felt I had a bad dream and hallucinations and laughed on myself, thinking what a creative mind is there above my shoulder… 🙂 But next moment, I saw two pairs of footprints randomly stepped near the mirror hanged on right wall…footprints were drenched in water…Was someone in my room? Or in bathroom 🙂 or what was it…
Waiter saw a lady entering my room, Humming sound of a female and later a male, footprints near mirror…foot prints why not near bathroom or any other place…Real mind game began…

5. He Came to Pay His Debt by Anubhansoo RunsooHaunted Stories

Back in the day, my grandpa used to go to the nearby town from his village for various purposes, leaving early morning and returning by night. The town was about fifteen kilometers from the village, and then, the rural areas were not much electrified. Through the outskirts and the fields, it got difficult to see the path and reach village after it got dark.
Being a relatively rich man, he had helped many fellow villagers. One such person was Shankar, a farmer, who owed a huge debt to my grandpa. Grandpa had lent him a large sum of money for the marriage of his only daughter, and at a time of dire need. As such, he respected and revered my grandpa with a lot of gratitude.
One day, grandpa got very, very late while coming back. He couldn’t see the road and lost his way. It being the rainy season, he was finding it difficult to reach the village through the puddles.
After toying with the dark for a while, grandpa was getting very worried, when a familiar voice called him from behind.
It was Shankar with a lamp in his hand. Shankar immediately told grandpa to start walking, as he used the lamp from behind to show the path. He strictly told grandpa not to look back. Not giving it much thought, Grandpa started walking.
Throughout the path he conversed with Shankar, asking how his daughter was doing, and how his crops were coming around. They discussed the roads and the rains and the village, and not once did my grandpa looked back.
Soon, they arrived at the brink of the houses. Shankar left saying he couldn’t go any further inside as he had someplace else to go. Grandpa went on by himself, and kept walking until he observed an assembly of people standing, discussing something.
When they told him what they were discussing about, Grandpa froze. Shankar had passed away that day.
It wasn’t someone who had shown him the path. It was something.
Shankar had returned from death to acknowledge his debt and provide help to grandpa when he needed it.

6. A Child Riding Bicycle at 1 AM by Sharma Vikram

I was in vadodara working for an IT company.

I remember we went to saw movie “Youngistan” in a night show to Race Course Road as the tickets were cheap at that time.

The Movie got finished by 1 AM and i was being given a ride by one of my junior as i didn’t have bike that time.

It was near a under construction bridge we saw at a turn, two policeman along with their TATA Sumo Standing. We asked them the route to makarpura.

After 5 mins of asking the policewala, i saw a child coming on cycle in opposite direction to our bike. He was staring at us, so just to mock him, i bluntly shouted on him and asked him to go to his home or else he’ll be kidnapped.

Now after covering like 7-8 Kms on the straight road, i saw that same child again crossing us in opposite direction. I was shocked and panicked.

I asked the same moment to my junior that is he the same child? He stopped the bike and we immediately turned our head in the opposite direction i.e. backside to see the child but there was no one. The road was all empty :X


7. A Ghost Passenger by Tanishq Shaikh

my uncle who was an auto driver in pune:

He was driving his auto on his way home late night around 2:30 AM. On his way back home he spotted a lady dressed in white saree screaming for a rickshaw. My uncle stopped next to her,

“Bhaiyya please drop me to (she mentioned some hospital’s name which I don’t remember). I am in a great hurry my relative is serious.”
As she was sobbing my uncle decided to drop her.
She took him through another way which leaded to the backside of the hospital.

When my uncle asked for the money she said “I am not having any money I’ll just bring it from my relatives upstairs” She went running up the staircase in the hospital.

My uncle waited nearly for an hour and then a guard who was around saw my uncle and asked him “Aap yaha par itni raat ko kya kar rahe ho” (What are you doing here?) (As it was 3AM)

Uncle said “Meri passenger upar gyi hai mere paise lene (My passenger has gone up to get my money)

The Guard Replied Uncle It’s a Morgue nobody comes here at night.

Damn!! He was speechless and freeze.

8. A burnt hand with 3 fingers caressing my head by Aditya Vikram

I remember this incident like as if it happened yesterday. For every unexplained incident I generally try to find a rational explanation. It’s not easy to scare me. But this incident is etched in my memory and to this day I haven’t been able to find any explanation for it.

So the year was 1991when I was around 5 or 6 years old.

My father had recently gotten a new job and we moved to a sleepy town of Nawabganj in a district called Faizabad.

We were given a two bedroom flat in the factory housing complex. This house was old and was locked for the past five years. But since we were bit hard pressed for money my dad had insisted that this locked flat should be allotted to us instead of waiting for another to be vacated in a year or so. So we moved here and things started to get crazy slowly.

Below is a model of the house. My younger sister (who was 2 -3 years old) and I used to sleep in the same bedroom no 2, and my parents in the master bedroom 1. The entrance to the house was through the living room where a security guard used to sit.

Initially small things started to happen. Every night at exactly 1 am dad used to hear sounds like someone was jumping over the backyard wall and walking with heavy footsteps. He used to go out and run after the sound in the backyard and then to the roof. Sometimes mum would follow him. We would ask the security guard about it and even after he had cross checked the entire perimeter there was no one. Slowly dad started to ignore these footsteps while none of us including my mum ever heard them.

Now the only bathroom had a strange burnt mark on the walls, something like the picture below. Please keep this in mind as it would be an important part of the story later.

We tried to get it repainted but the paint would eventually peel off and the burnt mark would become visible again. This was very strange but we still didn’t think much about it.

Six months had passed in this house by then and the winters were upon us. In central India the temperature can go as low as 1 to 2 degrees, which at least for us was very cold.

Dad had to go on an urgent trip to the nearby town and was not expected for another two days. It was only mum and two of us kids. Suddenly one night mum shouted and ran to our bedroom and switched on all the lights. She was sweating and mumbling something. Both of us kids got scared. My mom somehow took control and opened the main door and called in the security guard. From what I had overheard, my mum had sensed a man standing next to her bed. He was half burnt and quietly staring at her. Even the guard got the shock of his life. He went around and checked each room and said he would be extra cautious. There were no cellphones in those days, so we used to rely on the landline and my mom thought of not disturbing dad and that she might be imagining things.

After this, the number of strange things increased in our house, like many times the tap in the kitchen would be turned on for no apparent reason. Sometimes the lights would turn off even when none of us had touched the switches.

Now we’re coming to the incident which was most horrifying for me.

It was one of the coldest days of December. I had a white blanket tucked right under my chin and was deep in my sleep.

We also had mosquito net drawn. The bed looked something like in the pic below with the mosquito net.

Since the bathroom was right across our bedroom and the 60 watt bulb was switched on there was lots of light. Suddenly, I woke up somewhere around 1 or 2 ( can’t remember the exact time) with a feeling of dread and restlessness. It felt as if something was moving under the bed. I looked towards my sister and she was fast asleep. And then I saw something which sucked the life out of me. I saw a fully burnt hand (something like below,) but with only 3 thick fingers. It came from right below the bed near my head and was caressing my hair lovingly like a dad or a mom would do to their own kid. This meant that even the mosquito net was moving slightly along with the hand.

I was shell shocked. Ladies and gents if you can imagine the scene, a burnt hand with 3 fingers caressing my head and I, rolling my eyes without creating the slightest movement to look at the hand properly, you will get the idea of the fear inside me. Just the hand was visible and I was trying to get a better look. I was unable to shout or do anything.

I don’t know for how long it lasted. Maybe a few seconds or a few minutes but I stayed in the same position, not moving. As soon as the hand went away I covered myself with the blanket and started crying. I had no strength to wake my mom or shout. That was the longest night of my life waiting for the morning. The entire night I felt something crawling under the bed and making a weird hissing noise.

In the morning, as soon as my mom woke up I ran to her and narrated the entire incident and fortunately my mom believed me. With all these crazy incidents happening she knew the inevitable was going to happen. Some kind of haunting or stuff. She called up my dad who cut his trip short and we moved to the company guest house the next day.

It was much later that I was told by my dad that the house was supposed to be haunted. Previously a chemical engineer used to live there with his family. He was a much liked person in the department. Once, while he was on a business trip, he had an accident and died. While his dead body was en route to the same house in the complex, his father locked himself in the bathroom and immolated himself. The burnt mark was from the same incident. Two bodies were cremated that day. One of that engineer and the other one of this father who committed suicide. That was 5 years before my father joined the company and the house had remained locked.

My father in his haste had accepted the flat without thinking.

After hearing the story of that guy I could make the connection. Maybe that hand was of his burnt father who might still be looking for his son.

May they both rest in peace.

9. Old Lady Safeguarding the House by Mridula Selin (മൃദുല സെലിൻ),

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, my parents, me and 9 year old sister shifted to a rented house. The house was very dirty and badly maintained.

It just felt spooky. There were lots of lizards and spiders and such. We cleared off the spiders, but didn’t try to kill lizards. There were some animals that made squeaky noises when I was alone as if trying to get my attention. Lizards would bang on the wooden ceiling repeatedly with their body to make a rattling noise and when I look up, it seemed to be staring directly at me. I had a feeling it was one particular lizard, but I can’t be certain.

Another thing was even though it was dry season, almost every day, there would be a puddle of water near the front door of the house. Not outside, right under the door. As if someone poured water on the door and it dripped onto the floor, but door would be dry. I am not a morning person, it takes atleast half an hour for my brain to get active, so by the time I actually start wondering about that puddle, mom would have cleaned it. And I didn’t give it much thought.

Few months later mom was talking to our neighbour. I was hanging around the phone to try to make a call to my friend without mom overhearing. When she saw me she thought I was trying to listen in on their conversation.

After the lady left, she told me, “Don’t tell your sister, she may get scared.”

Me: “what?”

Mom: “about the church.”

Me: “What was it about the church?”

Mom: “You heard what we were talking, about that.”

Me: “I didn’t understand the need of church.”

Mom: “The lady was a catholic, she is buried in the cemetery next to the church, so special prayers in church.

Later, I gleaned the story and it goes like this: an old lady lived in the house alone. She fought with her son and daughter-in-law and there was nobody to take care of her. Neighbours came and went once in a while. She was adamant about not moving to a hospital or an old age home. She believed that her daughter-in-law would take all her son’s possessions and kick him out on Street, so she was safeguarding this old house for those desperate times. Later, she fell ill and could not walk to the bathroom and used to pee at the front door (no idea how people came to know that and if they saw her why they didn’t help her. It’s rumoured she was very foul mouthed and her son didn’t care enough to even check on her. Maybe neighbours kept their distance because of this and didn’t inform her son).

She died in the house all by herself and others came to know about the death only after few days.

After some months the house was rented to us.

I was a typical teenage girl, totally self-absorbed. I didn’t really notice when the puddling stopped. Mom says it stopped the next day of special prayers being offered in church. I don’t know what to make of it.

10. You Better Forget by Maia MitchellGhost Stories

My aunt and my uncle came for a visit 8 years ago. They had my cousin, jack and his sister, anna. They were both 4 by then.

I sat with my uncle, my aunt and my mom to have a drink, while my cousins went upstairs to play with some old toys of mine.

Then, my aunt had the idea that we should get some air, so we should take a walk. It was summer night and inside the house we were sweating, so we agreed that a walk by the sea would be a great idea.

My mom started preparing some snacks for us and my uncle told me to go upstairs to call anna and jack.

I went upstairs and tried to access the door. It was locked. I panicked because i was afraid that something bad would happen to my cousins, like someone would steal them or something. I knocked the door to see if anyone would answer.

Luckily, anna opened the door. She was acting strange. I was relieved that i saw her but then i noticed that jack wasn’t there.

I asked her where is he and she answered me this: “he is under the bed. He must be punished for what he had done.”

i looked under the bed and i was terrified. My cousin was covered in blood, in a plastic bag. He couldn’t breathe and he started getting purple (for real, because when you don’t get oxygen, your blood turns purple. )

i got him out of the bag and i ran in to my aunt. When she saw him, she started crying.

She asked nothing, we ran into the hospital. They said he would be ok. But the blood? They didn’t find any wound or cut or bleeding in his body.

He said he didn’t remember anything but I’m sure he did. I didn’t have the chance to ask him again though. He stopped talking. Doctors say its because of the trauma he experienced.

My aunt believes that a thief got into our house and jack started screaming and he put him there, but im pretty sure anna did it. She said that “he sould be punished”.

oh, and anna has been a normal girl since then, but sometimes, when she visits us, she is staring at me a lot of time and some other times she says, “i know you haven’t forget, but for your own good, you better forget.”

11. A Sick Prisoner by Neman Ashraf,

I was temporarily appointed to guard a sick prisoner in district headquarters hospital. I liked this duty because it was just for 8 hours daily while my usual is 12 straight hours and secondly It was calm and nice. I’d just sit there on a bench in hospital ward and read some old news paper or have a looksie at those nurses. Got nothing to complain about.

Everything was fine and alright, except the very person I was guarding.

The old patient. He was tall and thin, old and feeble. I don’t know what was he diagnosed with but he was just a skeleton underneath skin. Big bald head, eyes popped out the sockets, mouth wide open. It was a torture to witness him taking vaccines. No muscle at all on limbs or butt cheeks.

He was indeed enduring the worst phase of his life. You’d never find him asleep. Strangely… I never felt that pity or sadness for him, which I usually would for others. He was something else. I used to think while looking at him… “he’s not here, he is not looking at this front wall but some other realm waiting for his acceptance or approval. He’s damned and cursed”. I know this sounds strange.

There was something astoundingly creepy about him, I am telling you.


I used to sit beside this man for 8 hours from 4pm till midnight. He would not move or talk to anyone. He wouldn’t feel anything, He wouldn’t look around at all! Just a straight constant gaze on the front wall.

It was my fourth day there. I was tired and filled with boredom, waiting for the next guard as clock was saying 12 am. There was complete silence and inactivity in the ward. To kill the boredom, I picked the a magazine and tried reading it again.

Barely few minutes passed and I felt sudden discomfort of some sort.

I raised my head and found that old man’s head is turned towards me and he’s staring at me.

I cannot explain the uneasiness it caused.

Our distance was barely 3 feet as I was sitting on a bench right beside his bed. A straight and uninterrupted gaze like he’s looking in to my soul for a change. I gathered some courage and looked at him like we are into “who blinks first challenge”. I failed of course.

Soon my colleague appeared. I sincerely thanked God. We talked briefly and I handed over my rifle and log register. Next thing… I was out of the hospital, took a cab and went to home.

It must be around 1 am when I reached my neighborhood, from there I had to walk on foot as streets are too narrow for vehicles. It is a 10 minutes walk to home.

It’s a routine for me to come home really late at night. I was walking calmly on desolated streets, packing a .30 cal sidearm. I don’t remember, but I must be thinking about my online activity for next few hours. (I was single back then and lived with my parents).

Finally I reached the street where my home is situated on the very end. What irritated me the most about this street was that nobody would turn on their outdoor bulbs except my mother (for me). It’s a long and closed street and without any light it gets really dark. So yea our neighbors were cheap that way.

On the very end, a light bulb outside my home was lit. Whenever entering my street, I automatically get a little cautious but calm down after finding nobody in the street. I heard of a few robbery incidents previously so you can understand the reason.

But that night…

As I was entering, I saw somebody right in middle of street. I slowed down a little to observe. He was around 40 yards ahead, walking real slow, leaned heavily on the right side in a funny stance. He was in the darkness as the only lit bulb was on the end outside my door.

“He isn’t a robber or thief”. My mind told me.

I never halted but walked slowly towards him. It was just a matter of seconds for me to cross beside him and get to look at him clearly.

Suddenly something snapped inside me. Something started screaming so loud in my head for there’s danger ahead.

I am in danger!

“Who are you?” I yelled loudly.

And that’s exactly when I was right upon him, I saw him. I saw his face.

May lord have mercy.

That was the very same, very real… sick old prisoner I left in the hospital an hour ago. Leaned to the right side, wearing the same gown, bare foot. He was looking at me as I pass by him, he turned around slowly and walked to me.

I can’t control the shiver even at this minute of writing.

I did not run but I walked super fast and reached my home. Rang the bell furiously and prayed to God that “my father gets the door as soon as he usually gets”. I kept pressing the door bell while staring that man approaching me… slowly.

“What is going to happen if he comes near me? Should I shout or attack him? I cannot let this incident be an embarrassment for myself. Nobody should know I just got scared of something”.

Thankfully my father opened the door.

Before going inside, I looked back. Nope… There was nobody in the street. My father went back to his room without noticing my sweat or tremble. Maybe I did good calming down myself.

I went to my room, changed uniform and sat on a sofa. Thought about what just happened. This room has a door and window that opens towards the street as well.

“I did not see a ghost. No. How can this be possible?”

I remained silent and thinking of any legitimate reasoning that could defy this.

Next thing I notice, somebody is in the street, right outside my window. I heard lamenting in low pitch. I heard foot steps. A legit shiver ran through my spine.

I am experiencing paranormal activity. There is a ghost outside my window.

I didn’t run to other room, I just sat there, leaned my head and closed my eyes to concentrate on the words he was mumbling. I couldn’t understand. But I can tell you…. he was mourning, expressing his grief.

And then it stopped.

No sound of any kind. I could feel that nobody is outside my home now. And then it struck me…. why don’t I call the god damned hospital? I should talk to my colleague to ask how is our patient doing.

I picked my mobile and …. low and behold.

An sms from same colleague had arrived half an hour ago, saying.

“Neman, don’t come for hospital duty tomorrow. Sick prisoner died shortly after you left. I am going home too. Let’s take a day off and will report back to police station together”.

No matter how good I spin this to convince myself it wasn’t paranormal.

I fail.

Because I saw him. It was him, the sick prisoner.

12. Girl asking for handkerchief by Imran MirzaHaunted Stories

It was a Wednesday night and I got back late from office. It was around 12:30AM when I left the office. My home was around 5KM from my office. I took an auto to my home and got down at Inderlok metro station. It was walking distance from there and I thought to walk as there was pin drop silence and no vehicles were running on the main road. It’s very difficult to find this kind of silence in a crowded city like Delhi.


I preferred to walk and enjoy the silence. Everything was good. I was enjoying my walk; there were a few people on the road too.

So I reached at a drainage bridge which is in Trinagar. I saw a girl sitting on the side of the bridge. I was unable to see her face (she was looking down). I thought its late night and why is she sitting here alone, she might be in some problem. There was no one else there at that time and it was very dark (only one street light was working).

I asked her if she needed any help, as it’s very late and it’s not safe to be at this place. Nothing was unusual about her. She was wearing normal clothes and was looking normal.

When she looked at me, it was something different, there were negative vibes and feelings and I was getting uncomfortable by her looks. She was kind of crying and asked for my handkerchief.

Suddenly one uncle who was coming from opposite direction called me and asked me whom i was talking to.

Me: Uncle, this girl is in some problem.

Uncle: Which girl?

I looked at the girl, but there was no one, she just disappeared.

Inner me: Shit, what just happened, was she a ghost? Shiver ran down my spine and I was in complete shock.

Uncle: Don’t stay here, go to your home.

Me: Uncle there is a girl here.

Uncle: Don’t talk, first leave this place, come with me.

Me and uncle started walking toward my home.

Uncle: Did you give anything to that girl?

Me: No, but she was asking for my handkerchief. I was about to give it to her but you called me and I didn’t.

Uncle: Good.

Me: Why?

Uncle: A Girl committed suicide in this drainage ( Naala) and a lot of people have seen this girl at this bridge, she asks them for the things and then follows the person. It has happened with many people. Never stop at this place in nights alone.

I was shivering and walked quickly to my home.

Uncle went straight to his house, he was also coming from work. I went into my building.

I rang the bell and my friend Abhishek opened the door.

Abhishek: Bro, you are very late today, why do you work in such company which often asks you to stay this late, by the way who is she with you?

I was shocked and ran inside the house and asked him to close the door.

Abhishek: What happened buddy, who was she, why did you not let her in?

Me: No one, she just came to drop me (Didn’t want to tell him the story as it was night and we both would have been terrified)

I asked my friend to sleep in the same room that day, as I was not feeling good. I could not sleep whole night, thinking about the incident.

Next morning, I told Abhishek everything, first he thought that I was joking but later realized that I was serious.

Thank god, I did not see her again and nothing bad happened, I guess it was because I did not give her my handkerchief.

We changed our flat and shifted to another place.

13. He don’t want to go with them by Venkatraman Radhakrishnan

I was doing night duty during my residency at AIIMS. It was about 2 am in the night and I was in the second floor ward. The lights were dimmed in the ward. The ward was divided in two cubicles. One of the cubicles was the ICU which had four beds.

Every one was sleeping and it was very quiet. There was one nurse and she had gone to another ward. I was sitting in the nursing station trying to complete patient notes in the case files.

It was winter and was cold outside. I heard a shrill voice from the ICU, “doctor, doctor save me, save me”. I got up and saw that the ICU was dimly lit. Three of the four patients were on the ventilator and only one was conscious. He was a young man about 30 years old with blood cancer that had come back. There was no chance of him getting cured.

I went to the ICU and saw him sweating profusely. I saw the look of terror on his face. He saw me and held my arms tightly. He said “doctor, don’t go, stay here with me, don’t make any noise”, I quickly glanced at his vital parameters his blood pressure and other vital signs were normal apart from a fast heart rate.

He said, “They are coming”, pointing towards the half open window, “They are four of them, 2 boys and 2 girls, they are naked and drinking”, “they are calling me and asking me to join them, they are dead”,”I don’t want to go with them, they are bad people, please save me”.

I diagnosed that he was hallucinating and having delirium because of his brain being involved with cancer. Suddenly he caught my arms even more tightly, “They are standing next to you, don’t move, they are very bad people.”, I looked around and said no one is around.

Meanwhile the ward sister had come and I asked her to sedate the patient. I told the patient “see I am going to close the window, everything will be fine”. I went and closed the window and tightly locked it and told the sister to keep it locked. He settled down and went back to sleep.

At 5 am the ward sister called me that the patient had started bleeding. When I arrived the patient was profusely bleeding from the mouth, it was expected as he had terminal cancer. I started CPR but he could not be revived. As I stopped the CPR and declared him dead, I glanced towards the window, it was open.

14. A Paranormal Investigation went Wrong by Sarbajeet Mohanty

Over the span of 5 years my research has taken me to investigate some of the most haunted locations of India. And every location that I investigated had it’s own story, it’s own claims, it’s own mystery. In March 2017, I went to a place, to investigate the claims by a whole village, with a tv crew. People claimed of seeing headless figures, shadow people standing infront while they cross the road. I remember a person saying, “It’s not a ghost Saheb! It’s the Shaitaan ( Satan in Odia) himself! “. It wasn’t the first time I heard something as creepy as this, but for the first time I had goose bumps. I had an intuition, this place is going to give me an experience of a lifetime. Then comes the time for the real work, investigation. We use some advanced tools for investigating claims that are paranormal or anomalous, we import them from abroad.

The place was near a river bed. All calm, not a single human to see, giving a meaning to the claims made. The investigation begins with the night vision cameras and other cameras and the ghost hunting tools.

“Is there anyone with me?”

“Anyone who would like to have a chat with me?”

No response for the first 20mins.

And then as we were waiting, the K2 meter ( a device that is used to measure the change in the Electro Magnetic Field) started blinking. Being an investigator, my work is to debunk all the happenings using all my scientific theories. The phones were switched off, the cameras do not help in fluctuating and there was no electrical wire or transformer near by. But still I gotta recheck.

“I just saw 2 lights on the K2 meter, was that you?”

“Don’t be shy, we are here not to make you any harm”

The k2 blinks again.


“Can you show us 3 lights?”

There it goes, 3 lights.

“So you ready to establish a proper communication with us, the living? If yes give us 5 lights this time”

And to our astonishment we did get 5 lights.

But then suddenly and awkwardly and weirdly, there was dead silence in all the tools.

No reply to my questions or any of the crew members. Weird!

And then like a co-incidence my eyes goes to the sky. It’s full moon! But cloudy. And within 5 mins or so it starts pouring. We ran out of the location to take cover.

And the rain stops.

And then again we entered the location. And I had a plan this time, since we were a crew of 4, we got divided into 2 teams of 2. Now we are investigating a part and they are investigating another. Far away from each other.

No reply again to my questions.

Then suddenly, one of the crew member shouted as loud as he could. I started running towards them assuming they are in some kind of danger. The guy was panicking, not that something happened to or with him, but he saw “someone” standing behind me.

“Who was it?” I asked calming him down.

He replies “I dont know, but it was like a shadow”

A shadow..hmmm.. interesting. I went again to that particular place and tried to recreate the same scene so as to make the event happen again.

Nothing happened, nothing at all. “You must be hallucinating!” I exclaimed.

By now the crew was pretty much scared, I asked them to stand in groups and carry out the investigation. The cameraman was asked to take some shots of the location.

Poor guy!

5mins to his cinematography, he comes running again.

“Someone pulled me!” in a fainting voice.

“What? Who?” I ask.

“I don’t know, but I ain’t lying. Someone pulled me, I’m sure!!”

The whole crew was in shock. I asked everyone to regroup and calm down before going ahead.

As we were calming down, I realized one thing. The place where the guy said of seeing a shadow, was the exact location where the poor guy was pulled over. And over these couple of hours, we haven’t yet investigated that particular spot.

“Let’s see what is there.” I say trying to motivate them.

I was about to put my feet on that patch and the intuition that I was having in the beginning, hits me again, with a strong force.

For the first time in 5 years, I took a step back for investigating a location.

The crew was shocked to see my reaction. I couldn’t understand what was happening. My inner voice was all against stepping on that patch of land.

Then I sit down to ground myself. ” I entered this world of unknown to face my own fear, now I have to face something that is somewhat my fear, well my intuition says so” I say to myself.

“Well, whoever you’re, Sir or mam , you’re scaring us you see, which you ‘re not supposed to do!” as I command this, I’m standing on that particular, same spot where the guy saw the shadow. By this time the K2 meter has gone crazy.

And then comes the climax we see something that blows us away.

We see a Voodoo doll ( used to for black magic) with a cloth full of red colour liquid( which we assume to be blood), with a foreign sign, that is only used in the western countries for witchcraft .

“Oh! This is the reason then, the Voodoo doll and the energy surrounding it, is what causing all these activities” I conclude. The sign, when researched, is used to summon dark energies.

Creepiness was at it’s peak, when I realized before we went to the location for the job to be done, one of our psychic members from Mumbai, had kind of warned us about witchcraft. And now after all these, I could establish a link.

The crew calls it a wrap. As the running and chasing weren’t enough, we got pebbles thrown at us out of nowhere. Well, before anyone concludes that it might be some villagers or any bad guy. No! There wasn’t anyone as such. Besides, if someone would have thrown, it would have a projectory motion, but these were falling like they were falling from the sky.

We went back home and we all had bad dreams. Every single person out there!

I knew I have to take a salt water bath, which I did the next day.

15. Possessed by Ouija Board by Prashant Singh

In 2015, I was in Kota, in my hostel. It was 12:30AM, which was basically a gathering time for boys, as most of us boys usually go to sleep around 2, as many of us had classes post-lunch. So well many of us gathered in the common balcony of that floor which was adjacent to my room.

3 Seniors guys(12th Standard), {I was in 11th}. Bought in an Ouija Board, now most of the other guys didn’t knew what it was except me and couple of other guys. Now the 3 guys (let’s name them, X, Y & Z) decided to play Ouija at 1:00AM, which was already frightening to hear. However to play Ouija there has to be 4 people playing it. So X,Y & Z asked other guys to play, Some got intrigued (as they didn’t knew what it was) however I warned them and explained them what it is and how it has to be played. So the news that Guy’s are doing something haunted spread across the whole hostel and well several other guys gathered to witness it. None wanted to participate including me. However a too much courageous guy decided to give it a try (Let’s name him P)

Now, X, Y, Z & P are playing Ouija Board with over 20 Guys being Audience to them.

I being a close friend of one of the participants and having subtle knowledge in horror stuff, decided to explain the game and rules.

Following are the rules for Ouija:-

1.None of the participants can remove their fingers from the planchett or they MIGHT get possessed.

  1. No one can leave the game while it is under progress.
  2. If a demon/ghosts starts communication one can’t just say good bye (if scared) and has to hover the planchett to GoodByealong with others by their Finger.

I assume that most of the readers already know what Ouija Board is..

Now the game started, initially there wasn’t any contact with ghost or demons. And the players fooled to others by moving the planchett deliberately. Around 1 hour spent and many of the guys who were watching decided to leave and go to sleep.

Around 2:30AM , only 7 guys were there 4 players and 3 of other guys, including me.

Suddenly the planchett started moving by itself, everyone around got scared one was about to jump but others had to hold him as he can’t leave.

X decided to say “ Kya yehaan koi Bhoot hai?”

Translation “ Is there Ghost a nearby?”

We all started laughing while hearing it.

Suddenly the Planchett came across Yes.

Now the random QnA started , X,Y,Z & P asked the demon/ghost/spirit many different questions.

After several questions we were able to conclude that the Spirit IS FRIENDLY, he is 34 year old Man, who died nearby, while he was working as a construction worker.

We all felt sorry for him, and stated our sympathy to him. Now while doing so, all of us were already scared, (one of the guys watching had to piss so I let him use my toilet as my room was adjacent) so we decided to say Goodbye, however the Spirit wasn’t ready to do so. {The thing is if the spirit too wanted to say goodbye the Planchett would gradually hover to GoodBye} but it didn’t, and the planchett hovered to randomly on the board making a Horizontal 8 or infinity sign.

Now I had lot of Ouija Knowledge and realised that when the Ouija creates an Infinity sign. Then it is the most deadly demon communicating , commonly known or called as “ZOZO”. I advised(shouted) all the guys to stop the game at once by hovering the planchett to GoodBye.

My tune was too harsh that the guys hovered the Planchett Deliberately to the GoodBye

However while, X, Y, Z removed their Fingers from Planchett after stating GoodBye, P was the one who was the last on to do so. And felt a shock/current through his hand.

Suddenly the wind started to blew faster and I was terrified, I decided to ran fast to my room and get under my blanket. Rest all also decided to do so and took the Ouija Too. X kept the Ouija while other ran to their Respective rooms. It was dark in the hostel too as the gallery light got turned off to set the scary vibe while starting the Ouija. Everyone ran to their rooms.

The next morning it was quite peaceful, none of us has a discussion and all were busy in their own work , however at night “P” felt dizzy while in the dining area fell unconscious, we along with hostel warden admitted him to a nearby hospital and the doctor exclaimed that he had dehydration and was quite weak. He was on a glucose dose for 2 days, while his family was informed and they were on their way to him, we kept visiting him daily to check on him. In just 2 days his condition got worse and now he also was vomiting frequently. While this all was going on, I was afraid that maybe he got possessed or something.

His parents arrived with his uncle and they took him back to his home in Mumbai. We kind off felt bad that he left Kota but we’re also happy that maybe his condition will get better while at home.

For the first initial weeks we were able to chat with him online. And he stated that he was now in good condition, however he also stated that he is having frequent nightmares and having vision of us playing Ouija in his dreams. He was convinced that they shouldn’t have had played Ouija.

He had a dog named “Sheru” (ironical – canine names after a feline), he loved him but soon the dog died and they were shocked to realize that dog was not ill or was old enough to die. P stated that they were able to discover some neck strangling marks on the dog.

Till now almost all of the boys who participated in the event were scared as hell.

While the 2015 year was to end our interaction with him reduced (well friends are very much temporary, we tend to forget certain ones). So we all had minimal chats with him and on since 31st December, out last communication to him was almost 2 weeks ago. And we didn’t know what was going on.

3rd January was hid birthday so we all decided to call him at 12 midnight, his phone no. Was not reachable so we called his mom, we asked her if we can talk to P, his mom sounded surprised and was in a emotional tone. She exclaimed that P met in an accident almost 1.5 weeks ago and was now in a coma. This brought tears to our eyes too (but being considered as stone cold boys, we tried our best not to cry). The news sent chill down all of our’s spines respectively.

We asked if we can atleast say happy birthday to him, his mother would have hovered the phone to his ear and we while in emotional state shouted “Happy Birthday”, while trying hard not to cry one of us cried, and he said to P “Bhai we miss you bro, get well soon, we will pray for you”. His mother would have seen Tears dropping from P’s eyes, which was quite abnormal for someone who is in Coma. She exclaimed this to us, and in a room filled with 7 boys, there was this whining cries. One of us was crying so loudly that the nearby girl’s hostel girl came out to balcony to check wtf was going on. It was my room and the window was open so it was visible inside, so well they might have seen boys wiping their tears. Some guys were giving and crying (now plz don’t assume we cried like bitches, but we just had tears from eyes.)

Since then we all never talked to him again.

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