Now Shweta Memes Trending on Social Media, Who is This Shweta?

Nowadays, any topic can get viral on social media. Whether it is Binod, Pawri Ho Rahi hai or now Shweta, these topics are not relevant but Memers can take all these to the next level.
We do not know who is Binod? Where he lives? what does he do? But once Binod was the name that every internet user knew. Same happening with Shweta, #Shweta trending on social media with Memes.

Now, Who is Shweta? Why She is Trending? We let you know:

A college girl Shweta was on the zoom call with 111 participants. Same time she was on a phone call and gossiping continuously regardless of knowing that her zoom call was not on mute. Other people continuously telling her that thing but she kept gossiping. Well, college participants can forget the incidents but internet users can not.

She some Trending Shweta Memes:





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